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Medicine Buddha

Do not disturb other's mind. 

People are gentle have you noticed? Remain in joyful diligence and merit will arrive. Medicine Buddha practice is an important practice in the Tibetan Buddhist way of life. The medicine Buddha is the bringer of healing to the body mind and I think it improves our connections and receptivity of wisdom. Some don't care about Medicine Buddha these are fools who wander aimlessly cursing the earth and feminine wisdom and power of peace and compassion. 

This is a Gelug Medicine Buddha practice.

Toronto’s Riwoche Temple (Nyingma Kagyu) have online Medicine Buddha Practices every Tuesday at 7:30 pm.

Zoom Webinar ID: 835 4028 2059

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I found you [Poem]

I don’t want you to suffer 
I found you on the way to this small place to pray
A place hidden from the loud big noise of the world
A little shelter
a safe place for prayer
It is so confusing and so unclear
This small path outlines the direction to pray
I believe in time what I found will show me the way.
Thank you for knowing the way for this small place to pray.
Once we pray and heal and all else awakes this small path remains to warn us of the past.
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a note on government

In where it is hidden and secure I pray for all parties and all governments to live in peace and create a BIG place for equanimity and base their decisions on wisdom and compassion for all sentient beings. People will live happier, healthier, safer. Education will be accessible and true and we will all embrace oneness. There will be no wars and no opposition. Earth is going to breathe with relief. Let’s focus on oneness. 

Photo of black walnut by Karma Sonam Wangmo; all rights reserved. 
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20 years after September 11, 2001

I was getting ready early morning in Nanaimo when my phone rang and my classmate who was driving us to a nursing practicum said; twin towers World Trade Center were hit and there is a disaster in New York. I was very surprised and had a thought that stays with me that even if I don’t have tv internet or cellphone important news arrives to me. We got in the car sometime later and discussed briefly what was happening in New York. There in Nanaimo, we were caring for elderly people. I was looking and noticing the news on the TVs of the private assisted living home residents, an enormous shock, turmoil, fear, suffering of New Yorkers who were unexpectedly attacked. The scene of fire burning towers remains in my mind.

It is 20 years later and along with the rest of the world, I am affected by this horrific incident. Withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan is a better choice for the American people. Violence doesn’t heal violence. I don’t want any more war in this world. The result of violence adds more suffering. These deaths brought sudden grief, it raised again in the global mind thinking about what type of dying is proper. Dying for any cause is a sign of incorrect thinking. The event raised fear globally and everyone responded according to their heart. For me, it moved me into more spiritual practices and reflection about living and dying. In the ’90s Sogyal Rinpoche wrote a great book on the topic of life and death and the meaning of dying. This book is an acclaimed spiritual classic. From the heart of Tibetan Buddhist wisdom, this book is a treasure on the path of understanding dying. It demystifies the many fears people have on this topic. It is not only for a religious practitioner it is also accessible to people of all walks of life to bring about respectful living. Along with Americans today I remain in silent prayer about the lives lost and changes that this event brought to our world.

Memorial & Museum

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Please don’t punish me [Sonnet Poem]

These grey days passing by before my eyes, 
Forgotten times of low education, 
Candy Society fell, right my eyes?
We knew we could not be without money.

Sales are filling up in our paper bags,
Found unspoken, mind is still very loud.
Remembering my suffering and pain,
I want to live to see better light days.

Do not punish me for desiring love,
Living free is our birth right on this Earth.
Do not punish me for karmic wind’s charm,

Do not punish me for truth that I am.
I want to trust good people around me.
Don't punish me with pain or anything. 

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Hemingway Story [Poem]

Today on PBS I found an hour long story of Ernest’s Hemingway’s life. I was reminded of his turbulences and many women, recognized writing, noble peace-prize and that he suffered some severe head injuries leading him to dealing with difficult emotions, estrangement and efforts to address mental health. It is painful to hear that his writing is unachievable for others due to the depth of suffering from which he was writing. It is awful that he committed suicide and it is sad that he wasn’t able to win the battle in his life with the demons that haunted him.

I haven’t written anything more than 17 syllables in a while so I decided to sit down and write a poem out of my own suffering to honour the pain of E. Hemingway. I believe after watching this program I will be treasuring myself as a woman more. I am glad I didn’t commit suicide and I am glad I have caring people who support me.

Martyrdom & why you need to love me

It is frightening that you derive joy 
Knowing others are suffering 
it shocks my mind that you only want 
to see pain and laugh about it
I do not see what you do or are thinking as funny, 
we aren't friends, it's not my goal 
i do not want you to misunderstand 
pain you gave to me as a joke. 
I hurt and struggle because of your thinking 
I cant stand another day of unloving uncaring way 
you want to be with me.
Make a full effort to be kind and practice sanity 
towards your relatives, I am not into making you happy 
you feel like you want to vent allover my precious body. 
I don't need or have reasons or need reasons 
for your sense of humour and laughter at unjust 
pain of other people. you do not appreciate martyrdom.
you don't know what to do with one in your life.
Scars remain from knowing you.
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I am a martyr, a brief note.

I don’t have any other choice in this, as I am surfacing into less suffering, I don’t have much to say to those who decided to give me these big titles. I think they are nice, I don’t know what my duties will be.

I am selected to be a Sacha Master

I am selected to be a Green Tara

I am going to be proclaimed as someone great in the world of women. I work with darkness and handle a lot of confusion. I help people get clarity in suffering. I am learning more and more how love keeps us all going. Chameli & Arjuna Ardagh are very good people. ✨💖


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🐋 First Indigenous Governor General 🐋

I am a happy Canadian woman.

I am very happy to read that an indigenous woman Mary Simon is a new Indigenous Governor-General, appointed on the birthday of His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama.

“I can confidently say that my appointment is a historic and inspirational moment for Canada and an important step forward on the long path towards reconciliation,” said Simon from the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Que. “ – CBC & CP24

❤️‍🩹 I celebrate you Mary and your heritage. ❤️‍🩹

Piękna Cana nam da.

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A reflection of life ♐️ 🌒 [Sonnet Poem] 💚🌴

All people matter and are connected,
Innately care about humanity,
On this green earth no one is rejected,
Many are healing from insanity.

I have pain in my heart from my carer,
Killing and death bring on an inner pain,
Unwilling I had fear to discover,
Growing in love and force for my heart's reign.

Cosmic wisdom is written in the birth,
The prayer descended Goddess on me,
Green Tara has love for all on this Earth,
Goddess Tara is present inside me.

Jewish year set in a positive prime.
Illuminated mind works all the time.
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🇺🇸 Independence Day 🇺🇸 [Sonnet Poem]

United people with a common goal,
Live happy serving their land and people.
Some places greet you with warm español,
Coast to coast in hight flies the bald eagle.

These are fifty beautiful and free states,
Diverse and blessed in happiness on Earth,
In good loving though everyone relates.
Opening up to a happy new birth.

Cultural diversity is present,
Freedom from civil disturbance always,
New creative talents are apparent,
For benefit of our planet all ways.

Work remain independent with others,
Careing with love and supporting mothers.
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🇨🇦 HAPPY CANADA DAY 🇨🇦 [Tanka Poem]

A Mari Usque Ad Mare

Heart of this land lives,
Manitoba shines brightly,
Between two great seas, 🌊
Cape Spear to Boundary Peak,
People are interesting.

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🇨🇦 HAPPY CANADA DAY 🇨🇦 [Tanka Poem]

Coast to coast vast land,
Second largest in the world,
Let’s remember them;
The native men and women,
Who lived here before we did.

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Juicy bubbles [Tanka Poem]

None was lost today,
Pink juicy bubbles were found,
Hanging on the chair,
Floating in the humid air,
Iridescent bubble light.

🎼 Pink Church ⛪️ in Guanajuato, Mexico 🇲🇽 for my Mexican people.

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Healing salad 🥗 [Tanka Poem]

We are all cut up,
Chewed up and spat out in life,
This is very true
For many of you are grief,
Healing together in love.

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A green hunt [Tanka Poem]

I like green pickles,
I left my nest to hunt this,
I love you with me,
Oh, where are you my pickle
I just want to hold you tight.

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Devilish sisters [Tanka Poem]

Your titties are good,
You are better with them near,
They play so well girl,
Don’t hesitate to share them,
You’re going to be with me.
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Raunchy crew [Tanka Poem]

We are all in it,
Learning to love each other,
Chemistry bonds us,
Our happiness is mad,
Happiness is very real.
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Cruel kindness [Tanka Poem]

Take your hit somewhere,
Vulgarity lives in you,
The stench of night here,
Murderous thoughts are with you,
Sun sets on the bloody night.

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Mad cow disease 🦠 [Haiku Poem]

This is a problem,
We don’t want to live this way,
May all people know.
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A star of Aries [Haiku Poem]

From death emerges,
A line of no hate
Do not resist now.

Purify all your thinking
Do not resist now.

All beings will know
Bring in new cosmic power
Do not resist now.

These are three haikus about conquering hatred.