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A wild night at amusement park [Constanza Poem]

Who was looking for something mild?
Allow the day to unfold grace,
Enjoy our company and place.

I saw some vast dark clouds had smiled,
They went to an amusement park,
To have their fun there in the dark.

Clouds and moon were perfectly styled,
Their first kiss was warm and serene,
Cotton candy made saccharine.

Dark night, the moon doesn't feel exiled,
They had to run from the rainfall,
Hide on the boat that had seagull.

Strong wind approached and blew clouds piled,
Ferris-wheel was so romantic,
Full of happy kissing antics.

These weather changes made moon riled,
Splashing, colour rainbow symbols,
Shadows don't need to be nimble.

Big clouds left the moon reconciled,
Night lights made them bright and vibrant;
All those things which are seen distant.

Finally sky was left restyled.
Topsy-turvy in the moonshine,
With pink balloons they sat to dine.