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Our social journey [Poem]

Socialistic thinking and desire for control forced our race into manipulation schemes where social media is now a funding father of new mental illnesses.

AI humanity’s journey.

Algorithms are becoming smarter, disinformation for profit only.

Because who considers truth boring?

We don’t want evil to hide in kindness masquerading and pretending to provide true information distorting human minds and thinking.

We have discovered more abnormalities in humanity and we are scared of ourselves. We guided ourselves into a place where we as humanity are more profitable unaware than educated in our human problems and available solutions.

Good thinking minds are needed, like water to a flower.

We cannot afford to remain willfully ignorant.

What a journey we are on! Pheff I am not on social media at all. 😉

Inspired by film /The social Dilema_

Photo from Unsplash by Nathan Dumlao