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Highly Sensitive Person [Poem]

Something different about us, never mind brain injury.

Innate temperamental trait feeling more intensely.

How we pick up on each other’s cues shapes quality of our relationships.

We suffer out of misunderstanding of who we are.

Silence and stillness can mean various things, not only shyness, but grief, shock, fear, introversion, taking in information for a very long time, not disinterested, or impolite, aphasia, we observe quietly as we take things in. Overstimulated.

It is a balancing act for us to be out in the world. Religious self care is a must.

We can know something without knowing how we know it.

The environment will bring out the best or worst in us.

Highly creative due to combining our deep observations, we require from the world that isn’t sensitive like us, mercy and respect.

Should we examine witch people want us to feel so intensely?

To watch the sensitive film and read it’s website.