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I miss you in terrifying grief [Poem]

Suddenly you disappeared my Lama,
Two demons sat inside me and drove me insane,
My hurting and bloated womb, afraid
I want the demons who are hurting us destroyed.
I don’t ever want us noble women down,
giving up our bodies to feed such evil!
My Lama I am lost without you,
our sisters are hiding me inside my womb
while you battle a demon.
We are so scared Lama without you we can’t live.
It is such grief in our wombs,
from other women’s demonic hatred.
We prayed for changes.
Changes arrived demonstrating how much love needs to be first.
Lama we need you in your best and strongest
all the time guiding us in peace to liberation.
Lama maybe Buddhism isn’t for everyone?
Lama your love is authentic and healing.
Lama you know how to guide women.
Evil is afraid of you.
All bad women change to good with just your words.
You are the best Lama-mama in the world.
Thank you for saving my innocent life.
I love you.

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Amoghasiddhi [Acrostic Poem]

Amor amor amor amor amor.
Mystery stays within those who love,
Occasions give us the time to reflect,
Green colour karma family’s harmony,
Hidden gem inside awaits,
Attention to the mandala creates good,
Samadhi comes from healing family’s suffering,
Intentions bring about karma’s fruits,
Dear ones protect ones they love,
Dharma is precious and lives forever,
Harvesting beautiful karma’s fruits
Iconic Buddhist women guide us in the mandala.
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Peace 👩🏻‍🎨 [Poem]

Thank you to everyone who supports anything I am involved in.
Money is a right for good people.

Talking with people not avoiding
patiently listening
Involving Community
Understanding not avoiding
Observing with love
Patiently listening
Supporting truth
Supporting peace
Freedom of Religion
Patiently listening
Bonding sinners to to truth
Freeing helpers of peace
Receiving remuneration that is owed
No more dictatorship.
Truth Freedom Peace ☮️

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What Remembrance Day means to me 👩🏻‍🎨

This day is a groundless day, it really shows what we need to be looking at year after year are the changes that have to be made, people don’t know how to deal with groundlessness, Buddhism knows how to deal with groundlessness. The sense of groundlessness cannot stop and ground cannot start on killing, death or a fight. Canada claims to be 150 years old, Canada is a country created on murder of innocent people the land is here from before the dinosaurs and it’s important to really reflect about who we are as people today who chose to live her, and who we are as children of these people who came to live her, and perhaps didn’t have a choice to leave Canada. What it is that we are remembering today? Stories..

🌷 In all honesty I am finally semi-satisfied to see a Native woman Mary May Simon in a position of power and to have this native woman as an appointed person to represent what Canada is today and unfortunately it is a country that is still under the governance of the queen, the monarch of Kingdom of Britain 🌷

I want to see Mary May Simon highly respected. Respect means giving her power to help the native people the way THEY WANT TO BE HELPED. I don’t like that people would want to use the natives to try to save themselves on the natives or to make themselves a new image on the natives. Let the Native people make their own decisions.

I am unhappy about many things that are going on in Canada and I think it’s an important holiday today, Rememberance Day to see and be able to pay tribute to a NATIVE woman, a woman who is a native who is offering us a reflection with her person, her body, what people who are not perhaps directly related to us did to this land and with that we notice this significantly overdue gesture of pain and I only expect that if this position of Governor General is to continue every new person will be a native woman.

However I’d like to see a new and different Canada without British monarch over us, maybe we should have our own monarch. I don’t know who. Who do you think is THE BEST FAMILY IN CANADA?


I believe it is essential we remember people who died and lost their lives in saving what matters to us all. Life is precious. We remember that until we leave dualism we will continue to learn how to live in peace, and we should not be forced into fear and dying for what is important to us all. There has to be reflection on living peacefully and better life. We have to think on how to live without violence.
My great grandfather is a recipient of order of VIRTUTI MILITARI for helping saving Poland during WWII. My other grandparents also escaped concentration camps and stood for peace and preservation of culture. I also believe that it is important that our Governor General gets honoured first Native woman who knows of sacrifices that native people made for Canada.

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Five Buddha Families 👩🏻‍🎨 📥 [Poem]

Ello my readers!

I created this artsy 5 Buddha Family Tracker for you to use.

Fill out on your own or with family and friends 
your own 5 Buddha Family Tracker.

La la la la la
5 nice families work together
Like a clockwork Mandala works
Always harmonious even in shadow
Creating sunshine ☀️ out of happiness
and hiding shadows, moon is happy now too.
I know what you said Pandaravasini
I remember that happening too 🖍

Now you can study and learn and explore
where good teachers share
about these families.

Life will make sense for you with study of Mandala.

ཀ Sönam Wangmo
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I don’t consider being able to scream an improvement in my life.

I decided to help some stupid arrogant cruel and bad people who hurt me, all in the name of oneness. Maybe I took on too big of a job. The whole thing is to me too mad. I am looking for my kind of normal equanimity. I already sound unhappy and angry 😤 when I deal with day to day, why scream? It doesn’t work for me and for people who work with me I don’t see myself as a leader screaming at people. No one needs to scream for me on my team. That is not necessary, that would mean we are living disjunction. I thought of these raging rooms that are in Toronto and I don’t know how I feel about it. Rage doesn’t clear up rage, rage makes more rage. Meditation and prayers and calmness make more calmness. I don’t need to scream for my stupid students who deserve all they are going through, my good students naturally don’t get to see or know about my bad students. Screaming isn’t a sign of happiness and it doesn’t help me to increase joy power or anything I like. I am not the kind of teacher that needs to scream at people, only at my bad students. Please don’t think it is a blessing that I scream. Dear Gods what a difficult life this is for some.

Back in 2018 I took Akshobya vows to never get angry, I am unhappy I broke them too many times in my opinion. This is why this is a practice so that we will fail and we will have to get better. Eventually the peace is a seamless continuity of undisturbed mind. I also took other things and didn’t break those vows. Too much anger is a problem.

Well there you go, things to think about, sure you can ask questions here in the thread.

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Sunday ☸️ Sunday

⛰ Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu 🦦

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Gratitude 🥦 Thank you for your readership 🎥

Discipline & Merit = Happy Results
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Surfacing Inanna

Thank everything almighty!
Inanna is an ancient Mesopotamian goddess associated with love, beauty, sex, war, justice and political power.
It is unimaginably difficult to live hated. Hatred destroys something in humanity that we need to survive. Unfortunately people make choices to hate. Hate is hate. Let’s not pretend it is other than what it is. We all avoid being hated. No one loves to be hated. Hate will never win over what you can become without it. It is possible to live without hate. Everyone needs to find answers for themselves. We can’t be looking for answers for other people and that can’t be our job. Each person needs to be ready to ask a question and to seek the answers. The looking within is everyone’s individual job. It is relevant what we keep and what we let go off in life. Grace guides those who are with grace. I believe in the good in the world. With repetition love overcomes hatred, leading to lasting peace.
Inanna's mythical story is a big part of my life. Now I am going to be able to exit the underworld. 
Calling in the feminine light of support.

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I am a martyr, a brief note.

I don’t have any other choice in this, as I am surfacing into less suffering, I don’t have much to say to those who decided to give me these big titles. I think they are nice, I don’t know what my duties will be.

I am selected to be a Sacha Master

I am selected to be a Green Tara

I am going to be proclaimed as someone great in the world of women. I work with darkness and handle a lot of confusion. I help people get clarity in suffering. I am learning more and more how love keeps us all going. Chameli & Arjuna Ardagh are very good people. ✨💖


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A cosmic beam [Poem]

I took a glance, what do I see; the dust
is settling on you; for me to clean.
I noticed the weave of the tight fabric
around you, you mostly wear one outfit.

The shades of subtly darker tones of
thread make you look dynamic in colour,
not flat, indeed the crisscross of pattern
is visible when I focus my look.

Somehow without temperature increasing,
I do feel warmer looking at you here.
So good you are standing on your one leg.

You are bright even in the dark, the thought
of you makes me think of a ray of light.
You have a lot to say to me today.

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St. John Paul II [Mention]

Do not abandon yourselves to despair.

We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.

St. John Paul II

Image Grant Whitty on Unsplash

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Hand gentle to people [Poem]

You are an old man aging,

Do you know who is calling you?

You are resorting to being a child

A boy connecting to his sweet little heart

An innocent boy playing careless as adults are keeping him safe

A little boy who wonders of forests, planes and trains

Just innocent and easygoing playful and relaxed

Old age has set in, no need to fight or reach higher or to learn more or to think, just remaining a small little boy.

That is where we might find ourselves today.

The gentle kindness of our innocence matters to us all.

Hand gentle to people.

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No secret [Mention]

What is important is not so much how long you live as whether you live a meaningful life. This doesn’t mean accumulating money and fame, but being of service to your fellow human beings. It means helping others if you can, but even if you can’t do that, at least not harming them. – His Holiness Dalai Lama

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

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Words in the family [Poem]

They matter a lot, secrets and truths spoken to us.

Words of promises and words of what will be in the distant time.

Words, they matter and they can bring healing and they can comfort

and they need to be used with care and good intent.

Where are these words today?, 

These words were intended truth and promise of better future for children

These children now have grown into adults.

Where are the fruits of what you promised? 

The fruits of my trust & love in how you choose to weave your life?

I look into my eyes in the mirror with honesty and I know that violence and lies do not work. Did you lie? Whatever power you think of? When you certainly assure your words with violence, it is a painful living for us all.

Degradation has no room in my heart. 

Where is your integrity towards your family? Where is your love and sense of truth?

Why do you hide behind lies and violence?

Where is your conscious?

Do the words in the family matter to you?

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When you aren’t [Poem]

When women aren’t able to be feminine,
when feminine in all flowering forms is degraded,
even the smallest put down is a problem.
When flowers are replacing women’s dignity,
while shutting down all life and sanity around,
and we are told we are all insane,
that is not acceptable way to live for anyone.
When women aren’t able to hear of profound wounding,
When insanity becomes our normal,
When in secrecy your envy is invading my privacy,
When out of your psychosis you need others to crawl for you,
When forgiveness isn’t an option anymore,
Due to years of avoiding speaking of your violence and sins
You are not my mother,
you are not my sister,
you are not my friend,
you are a destroyer of anything valuable sacred and good.
You aren’t anything significant to me.

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Out of sin ☔️ umbrella [Poem]

… Sometimes things in the universe get heated. you know. things get a little awkward. you know. due to thinking. circumstances are moving and there is too much to deal than any normal can handle.

… I will out of something ugly and sinful fasten you a little useful present a little umbrella out of the pain a white small parasol, to hang over your head all the time directing the flow of such things and such nastiness away from you. Like those parasols on sandy clear beaches 🏝. Just like those.

Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Pema Siddhi Hung.

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Forget your bread [Poem]

Forget your bread my friends,
forget it,
remember the holy
revive it,
what lives in the lives of all?

The vibrant and creative
expression of our own Mercury
when the hidden and diminished
pains are denied.

while the bread you eat
nourishes you for a moment,
the bread of the Spirit
is infinitely fulfilling

The heart of yours
which is calling out in longing
needs to know how to find
its proper nourishment

Wellbeing on this earth
belongs to the people
who’s souls are fed
by the invisible bread.

The bread of the master
and the power of understanding
the connection and harmony
of holy taste at once realized.

Nourish your starved soul
on the proper food
and provide your naked
vivid awareness
the manna from Buddha’s bowl,

without fantasizing of death
and with reverence to life,
embracing the dying with your entire heart
the stench of death need not be with you.

The cries of the pained world
don’t serve anyone anymore
while you feed
with the glory of the Master
and his spirit the bread of life
are present always in our life.
You are looking now for your fulfilment.

You are already realized my friend
now you can easily give away your bread

My friend
give it away.

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What makes a modern global citizen and thinker?

Todays politics, and interactions in the world need to be really less reactive and more reflective and response-able. Cultivating dialog and remaining sensitive to cultural, economical and human values will allow us to be best dynamic thinkers and make our actions positive in the world. 

Essentially majority of people in the world are looking to offer their gift fully, they are


looking to live a life that is really of service. They are looking for expression and recognition. When I look around at people who surround me, everyone wants to be naturally useful for others in their lives in their own way, they all look to be recognized, what becomes an obstacle is lack of education and lack of dynamism, lack of humour, compassion or resources and lack of ability to remain present and think bigger than small me. 

Are you thinking about solutions?

We are obligated to think about the larger picture until everyone is doing well. We are all part of this world. We honour our heritage and roots and we recognize that we are a drop in an ocean. As a mandate to be able to say that you are a ‘good person’ means you are a person who cares about the global, cultural, political, religious views than just about your own affairs. 

The small me is entrapped in the ego and in the fears that are only obstacles. While we allow life to shape us, we have to remember that we are in charge of the circumstances we are co-creating with others, as well as our attitudes, perspectives and ways of being. We always are working with our circumstances. It is unavoidable. We can actively do it with dynamism, or be passive to it. 

Becoming educated, getting involved and interested in variety of cultures, topics, and showing genuine interest in others will help anyone be a modern global citizen and thinker, actively participating in life rather than just watching what others are doing. 

His Holiness Karmapa is admired not only for his knowledge of the Tibetan Buddhism, Tantras, meditation and good looks, he is recognized for his creativity and high level of dynamism.

Dynamic individuals who have a focus on the positive development for the well being of people on Earth are the ones who are the change makers in todays global economy, politics and religion.

We have to take into consideration that the global era has offered us much more closeness and togetherness via internet, media, social structures and common problems we all face, yet we are still struggling with resolving big issues within ourselves and within humanity.

Dynamism is something that can be cultivated with a lot of work. Meditation is one of the tools that helps in cultivating higher dynamism.

Dynamism is what we need today people to become.

Dynamism is an ability to adjust and adapt and preform in a way that is both a flow and a vessel at the same time.

Soft Power, or an ability to magnetize the right thinking and results without the use of force is where we are going with humanity. When we are cultivating new skills by interacting in dynamic new ways with people of different cultures and when we are learning about ways to be dynamic, pragmatic and joyous in our interactions we then are able to forget that we are working or doing something, we are present and giving our gift, everyone benefits.

Dynamism as an action happens to us all, we are constantly influenced by the environment and circumstances and now we can either be passive to this or actively involved. Some may say that the active involvement means becoming compassionate yet I think compassion is the dynamic action of wisdom being applied to the circumstances so that we are creating better circumstances for everyone else.

Dynamism is what we need to be really into in todays world.

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Instructions for the path [Mention]

Do not forget the Lama,

Pray to him at all times.

Do not be carried away by thoughts.

Watch the nature of mind.

Do not forget death.

Persist in dharma.

Do not forget sentient beings,

With compassion dedicate your merit to them.

His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche