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🌬Winds [Fatras Poem] 🌬

These winds of change come and go, weather reforms,
Temperate falls, winds start picking up with them, 
All that is in their way from all directions. 
They can arrive with forces, effects, refine,
Shaping land, moving deserts, dispersing seeds, 
Having influence on all live on our earth. 
Tossed with the wind these sands are picked up grain by,
Tinny grain, in its direction and with plan, 
Traveling large distances in kilometres, 
Falling in new places and somewhere unknown, 
Habitat changes and winds reorder earth.
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🌕🌸 Flower Full Moon [Free Verse Poem] 🌸🌕

This moon is so Bright
This moon is so bRight
This moon is so brIght
This moon is so briGht
This moon is so brigHt
This moon is so brighT

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Sandcastles & seashells with dad [Haiku Poem]

Sitting on the beach,
Building castles in the sand,
Having fun with dad.

Walking on the beach,
Building castles in the sand,
Sunny time with dad.

Looking for amber,
Building castles in the sand,
Playing on the beach.

Picking wet sea shells,
Building castles in the sand,
Resting on the beach.
This is 4 Haikus about my beloved father. The image from Pixabay by Tatyana Kazakova.
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About care [Eintou Poem]

This day;
Time passed by quick,
Many people gave care,
Hours push on and our desire leads
We all care together,
Sun rose and set,
This day.

Eintou is an African poetry.

Photo of English Bay, Tobago, Caribbean

Ethnic Lore Nature Poetry

Daffodils [Hexaduad Poem]

Earth nourishes it well,
Rains falling on petals.
Using earth to its advantage,
Smart flower you defend yourself.
Vibrant to see
A March flower grows bright.
Happiness you bring us.
Sharing beauty,
My daffodils.

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Lines to triangle 🔻 [Poem]

Nature designed many perfect structures.
Geometric lines make something sacred.
Basic assembly, spacial relation;
Lines forming angles, triangles and more.

Resourcefulness of nature, how lines bend,
Cross over and meet, lines create shadows.
Symbols of many lines, guiding man kind.
Man has discovered a lot in the world,
(And oh much more is still there to be learned)

Where our hands meet in a mudra and shape, 
Triangle made out of lines with our hands,
Bending the fingers it becomes a heart.

Architectural marvels, triangles; 
Louvre is made of many triangles;
We remember sacred geometry.

Happy Birthday Arjuna Ardagh 🕉

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The lines in the sky [Poem]

The sky light blue traces of white thin lines, 
Planes crossing, big metal birds line the sky, 
Over the blossoming trees, our homes, 
Life happening, wind is blowing the lines. 

Scattered shapes are changing in the blue sky, 
White disappears into blue completely.
Beaming warm sun appears to be heating,
Symbols in the sky express uniquely.

No rain in sight, the blue above us all,
The planet rotating and our sky, 
Is busy in a flow of day and night; 

Covering our Earth hosting symbols, 
Some places are covered with rolling clouds,
Different places have different lines.
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From the Alps, a Chød [Haiku Poem]

Looking for beauty,
flowers in a vase are mine
I cut through it best.

wild alps harvest - 1

What is Chød?

Chød [or Chöd] is a Tibetan Buddhist practice. The word means ‘to cut through’ When practicing Chød we are cutting through illusions, provocations, challenges and difficulties to transform them into the non-dual luminosity.
It is a practice developed by 11th century Tibetan Tantric Yogini – Machig Labdrön.
Normally the practice is done with a drum and a bell.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo

Buddhism Environment Nature Poetry

Jungle Waters [Poem]

The jungle rains are pouring strong
the water falls, feels warm and hits the Earth,
landing on my skin quite deep
no pain, sensation soaked in love
of Father sky

This Earth, these rains, these rivers
heal, and guide the flow of my waters in life
purifying, nourishing growth
in healthy ways, relating with time.

Energy revolves within it all
the molecules burst and play in love
friendliness begins the dance
and changes all with the help of time

While you were watching that bird flying,
sitting and taking the drink of rain
I could see the monkey’s playing
right behind your back
They laughed

I had to take a chuckle too,
that this living of Jungle’s life
trees that fight for sun and rain
activating the core of Earth
in their own unique way

Medicine knows her strategy
a natural remedy, is so simple
while you may not be able to tell
It knows just what you need.

So the sensory experience
living you in every moment,
embodies and fills the river
of your emotional healing.

These pains you had, these negative thoughts
all change in the river of Earth’s blood
the purest honey of this Planet
transforms you and guides you on Her way

Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo