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Mrs. Warty & her family (a pithy horror story)

1:45 min read. Rated PG.

There is a Warty family who curse everyone who is better than them. We wish them to be covered in warts from head to toe. Okay.

Listen up, a word Warty in my languages can be interpreted as War+Ty where Ty is you (Polish). These Warty people don’t know how to think. They argue for things that are illogical and wrong and have no meaning to their lives. They do not know how to plan a peaceful future or make altruistic and happy decisions, instead they want to collect experiences of any kind, scary or what? I have to tell you that it is scary. They only begun to learn how not to derive pride from hurting others.

Warty are a problem for they want power and money and they are not willing to give better people power or money. Warty family only thinks that violence is a way to get anything in life! You don’t want to meet the Warty family, they live in mountain time zone, so do TWO GREAT Buddhist Centres, I think time caught them and they are discovered, bad people who need to change their mind and learn to live. They don’t like that they are caught and need to change. Many people are praying to release Warty family from their lives and to reject them for all the hurt and suffering they caused.

But, man oh man, from our good wombs to the bad Warty wombs, maybe they will drop dead one day.