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New Moon 🌚 [Poem]

City at night, bright lights disperse darkness.
Cars with red and white bright and changing light.
The scene illuminated, darkness cut.
By light, light brings in bright, clear, certain glow.

Glow moves with the subject through the dark night.
Bright lights will blind eyes in vivid darkness.
The glow fills the darkness, it disappears.
Light reaches deeply into the shadows.

Magically darkness reflects brightness.
Few colours of light in the art of dark.
Surfaces disappear in the darkness.

Darkness hides our shadows and good sight.
With the bright lights on, we move on quickly.
Light changes us and darkness of the night.

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🎶💫🎨🖌✏️✨ Gather ✨✏️🖌🎨💫🎶

Let’s gather on zoom to discuss poetry and words and writing and topics that inspire our writing. This is where I reside daily is in front of my pages I write. I am serious about writing. Together over weeks, we will virtually gather to cackle about words. I know you are serious about words too.

Let’s gather monthly day before the full moon 🌕 at 7pm-8pm.

This is designed to inspire our creativity and poetry. 🪶 Beef up our dialogues and make conversations more involved.

This will be something of an annual membership fee $53/year 🎶🪶💫

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In the thick of dark shadows [Poem]

About conditions of society.
Over the centuries writers take claim.
You make no effort, notice benefit!
You wanted something from us you didn’t have.

O how you dropped in on us unwanted!
You look for what you need in a wrong place.
You say lies, devise strategies for pain,
Advert ache for suffering of others.

You insisted with your insanity.
We did tell you to get out politely.
Why do you only look at what is wrong?

When doing what is inappropriate.
Subtly killing future joy for women.
For how many lives are you chasing us?

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Wet forests of warm heat [Poem]

O jungle forests! How I miss you.

The constant sounds of the many living beings talking to each other amongst the vibrant nature. Wherever you tune in a song.

O jungle forests! How I miss you.

No moment of silence, heat and rains and twelve hours of sunlight.

The rains are massive and only momentarily they offer a change of sound from the animals and insects talking.

O jungle forests! Filled with medicines, and flowers that resemble kisses.

How I miss sleeping the long nights listening to crickets and birds and monkeys sermonize the stars and moon.

O jungle forests! How I miss you. I could write about you forever

Photo by author in Puerto Maldonado

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I am going to be a hedonist [Poem]

Take pleasure in everything I like.

Take pleasure in slowing down.

Take pleasure in making a puzzle.

Take pleasure in the warm sun.

Take pleasure in the laughter of friends.

Take pleasure in the smile of my daughter.

Take pleasure in the pink grapefruit water.

Take pleasure in walking along.

Take pleasure in my sisters united.

Take pleasure in singing a song. 🎶

Take pleasure in making art.

Take pleasure in sitting in the light.

Take pleasure in sharing stories.

Take pleasure in victory over pain.

Take pleasure in knowing our name.

Take pleasure in belonging.

Of course this not a complete list. 🙂 photo by me.

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Women’s rights are human rights [Poem]

Together with our warmth we create a valuable community. Our gender matters and we find solace in each other’s company. We are more than what we think and time and time again we prove that to ourselves and men. We have a voice together no matter what colour or religion or economy we are a part of. We naturally know what we need, want, dream and we can achieve anything. It takes no thinking a world without women cannot exist. We need better laws and we must do things for women to support their thinking.

I want our feminine view to blossom. Let that wholeness we have manifest global freedom and unified female voice that all women can relate with.

Women need to be motivated by other women and their values. It is too often hard for us and we have to be united and strong and supportive of each other no matter what or who, unless it is another soul sister. It’s possible. To have sisterhood and a family. Just look at my friend Chameli. And I give thanks knowing there are many more of you out there. We need to be making choices for women amongst ourselves. Thinking first of women not men. We cannot be threatened with death for defending our own rights. Stop finding us attractive in rage and mad. What we are with men in the eyes of tradition is different than what we are on our own. We have to nurture what we are and live from that inner feminine wholeness.

Image Unsplash by Jennifer Griffin

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Spice of life [Poem] [Critique]

In bad taste are things not well mixed or stolen. Authorship may be in question with idea like ‘found poetry’. I am sure it leaves many of us writers unhappy to see things taken out of context, changed into different meaning or devaluating messages. created. Not funny. I don’t like it. The natural view, the clarity obscured. The spice of life taken out and destroyed.

Image from unsplash

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Oscars on the screen [Poem]

In light of quite a chunk of history

Time matters

Umm…excuse me, is my microphone working?

Those are very bright lights

It is! Thank you. As I was saying nearly a century went by and we had some stupendous screen arts in our humanity.

Is that how long these parties are?

My favourite actress of all time?

Everyone is really looking at me… hmmm.

Wow, I am mesmerized by all these outfits.

Oh my God, I don’t know, I don’t know, they all are so fabulous.

On the screen and off screen these are role models for many women.

I am going to stick to writing and I am certain this will be quite a show.

Alas, I wrote something about biggest screen and enjambement.

Art by Victoria Villasana

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Imperfect limerick [Poem]

Awful good these bags of tayto

Except to have yourself a tomato.

Drink plenty of coke, have a smoke,

Dance wildly, sing a song loudly.

Hopefully you won’t croak.

Irish beer photo from Unsplash

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Our social journey [Poem]

Socialistic thinking and desire for control forced our race into manipulation schemes where social media is now a funding father of new mental illnesses.

AI humanity’s journey.

Algorithms are becoming smarter, disinformation for profit only.

Because who considers truth boring?

We don’t want evil to hide in kindness masquerading and pretending to provide true information distorting human minds and thinking.

We have discovered more abnormalities in humanity and we are scared of ourselves. We guided ourselves into a place where we as humanity are more profitable unaware than educated in our human problems and available solutions.

Good thinking minds are needed, like water to a flower.

We cannot afford to remain willfully ignorant.

What a journey we are on! Pheff I am not on social media at all. 😉

Inspired by film /The social Dilema_

Photo from Unsplash by Nathan Dumlao

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Friend [Poem]

Facet joined karmically.

Reborn in the energy of love.

Instantly behold another.

Earthen from the beginning.

Naturally encompassing giving.

De facto cosmic present.

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash


Face of a masked singer [Poem]

Cheering loud, clapping hands, dancing audience in a guessing game.

This is a show where the face means all.

We don’t believe and we speculate, misreading clues and fooling ourselves.

Masked Singers showing off their stuff to oldies we love.

Dressed in sparkles, glitter, feathers and fascinating outfits, we stare in awe and wonder who you are, and do we love your costume?

A clean creative fun way to entertain.

Arts, animals, monsters, robots, to get to your face behind the mask we have to rely on body, height, shape, moves, and the singing voice.

Deceptive and clever always surprising that face behind the mask is so important to the audience behind him.

The masked singer

Facing the audience with your new fun face, and different expression than usual, in a musical family fun.

So comical.

Who do you think I am?

Image from unsplash

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Your devices [Poem]

Your surface tension is very attractive to me.

I find no more than a leaf can float on top of you, without many calculations.

When you get cold you begin to expand, solidify, breaking your container.

Your temperature can be raised, you can scold anyone then.

Feelings and emotions are supposed to be fluid like you and may they not be so hot tempered.

When too hot you evaporate, that is good for our faces.

You are a matter of life with power to separate from death.

You are a social talk, environmental concern, global issue, a business for some.

Quite a solvent you are, sparkling, still, pure, dirty, flowing, falling, spraying.

You are like a woman to me.