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(2) Beach [Haiku Poem]

dancing with softness
feminine embraces life
listening to wind

the lake shimmers waves
finds mind caressing in time
meditative ease


Image: Dr. Wangmo

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From the Alps, a Chød [Haiku Poem]

Looking for beauty,
flowers in a vase are mine
I cut through it best.

wild alps harvest - 1

What is Chød?

Chød [or Chöd] is a Tibetan Buddhist practice. The word means ‘to cut through’ When practicing Chød we are cutting through illusions, provocations, challenges and difficulties to transform them into the non-dual luminosity.
It is a practice developed by 11th century Tibetan Tantric Yogini – Machig Labdrön.
Normally the practice is done with a drum and a bell.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo