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🦧 Leaving Violence [Free Verse Poem] 🦧

Episode 4
A girl was very little; 
A toddler when she was hit;
On the head by her mother.
Girl has to live brain injured.

Mother doesn't love her daughter.

A girl was abused when little;
Cried and cried and with her breath
Survived. Brain injury is part of life,
She walks with a cane, does what she can.

Mother doesn't love her daughter.

A woman knows her mother didn't love her;
She stays away and seeks her own comfort;
Good people aid her in living life;
She hopes of real love and her family.

Mother doesn't love her daughter.

Days go by, further the woman is away; 
Not with her mother, better she becomes; 
Relieved, rested, peaceful, hopeful, happy. 
There is no more violence in her life.

There is no more violence in her life.

Although I have a brain injury this poem isn’t about me. I came about my brain injury in a different way.

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40 years since the death of Cardinal Wyszyński [Anniversary]

Catholic people are remembering the years of service of devotion and wisdom offered by cardinal Stefan Wyszyński. The Vatican announced the approval of a miracle attributed to Wyszyński’s intercession last October. The miracle involved the healing of a 19-year-old woman from thyroid cancer in 1989. May 28th marks the 40 year anniversary of his death, 15 days after Pope John Paul II was shot in an assassination attempt. Venerable eminence served Polish people and Catholics in Poland for many long years. In September cardinal will be beatified in the Polish capital of Warsaw.

Venerable Cardinal Wyszyński supervised a nine-year program of preparation building to a nationwide celebration of the millennium of Poland’s baptism in 1966.

He remains in the memory of all Poles and is revered and loved by many.

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🪐 A monthly feature on Grief 🪐

My dear readers, I started this feature on grief because it is an important part of life. We all have grief in our lives and I dedicate this monthly feature to grief.

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Grief [Tanka Poem]

Sadness doesn’t explain
Loss of our beloved man
My mother widowed
My father died too early
We are without our father.

May all evil perish, without hope for return

Photo by David Holifield on Unsplash