All the seats are taken [Poem]

I am so interested

I am hurting and I am needing to be more interested

Finally The God moves the interest and knowing I had before

Now I have no knowing.

No I have no money.

Thought upon thought here again knowing is present

What does this mean?

Is this scary?

The knowing doesn’t go from person to person the way I think.

Somehow stupidity is always present, what makes this so?

Answers emerged, someone is self aware.

Spark a conversation about a man who is born as a woman.

This thinking about the 12th line, is making someone feel uncomfortable.

Yes your thinking is male, on every level, yet in this life you chose to incarcerate in a woman’s body with male thinking.

We need to look after you carefully Dog-paw.

Dog-paw isn’t dak pa.

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Fragile [Poem]

My bruises are healing, the skin is painful to touch,

The sprain is still sore

I know the pain is deep and lasting,

I drag myself out of bed

the first sound I make is A. Tam.

Om Tare Tu Tare Ture Swaha

I see no hope yet,

I feel the fear of my suffering is lingering in the air,

I breathe the aroma of the flowers

blooming in the garden,

and I know to trust my friends.

Image by GLady from Pixabay

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Tibetan language lessons


I had the pleasure just a few days ago to run into Lama Tenzin Kunchen in Zurich [first image]

I received some valuable guidance as to where to go next and where I can find more support in my research for the Feminine Brilliance Temple and my PhD about the feminine spiritual work.

Here are some photos from the last few days. I hope to write more poetry and share more as the days unfold. 

The climate is cold, the sun is warm and the people where I am at are very kind and open hearted. It shows me and gives me hope for the natural presence of compassion in humanity.

In the next days I will be visiting other spiritual centres to connect and dialog.

Thank you Buddhas

Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo

Version 2Zurich 2 - 2

Zurich 3 - 3

My first authentic Tibetan Class