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My brief film review; The Exorcist 🎥

Halloween 🎃 is coming and I have some more scary films to watch. Yey Green Tara 🥦 the fear giver.

The Exorcist review, it’s quick and cuts off 😉
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Oscars on the screen [Poem]

In light of quite a chunk of history

Time matters

Umm…excuse me, is my microphone working?

Those are very bright lights

It is! Thank you. As I was saying nearly a century went by and we had some stupendous screen arts in our humanity.

Is that how long these parties are?

My favourite actress of all time?

Everyone is really looking at me… hmmm.

Wow, I am mesmerized by all these outfits.

Oh my God, I don’t know, I don’t know, they all are so fabulous.

On the screen and off screen these are role models for many women.

I am going to stick to writing and I am certain this will be quite a show.

Alas, I wrote something about biggest screen and enjambement.

Art by Victoria Villasana