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Invasion of privacy isn’t necessary in Buddhism 🕉

With tradition old and wise with teachers who know how to read our minds, hearts, and other energy channels, digital invasion of privacy and staring at one via a hidden camera isn’t necessary. Why would such a thing be implemented by a Buddhist community? I don’t know. I believe in my mind. Perhaps there was an imminent danger to someone and watching them assured safety, perhaps looking at someone and influencing them mentally could show some interconnection. Perhaps it was needed in legal matters? Perhaps. Invasion of privacy isn’t necessary in Buddhism, hmmmm…. Needing digital devices to confirm our mind disempowers our minds. Privacy is natural thing for large majority of people, violating privacy bears serious consequences.

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Hand gentle to people [Poem]

You are an old man aging,

Do you know who is calling you?

You are resorting to being a child

A boy connecting to his sweet little heart

An innocent boy playing careless as adults are keeping him safe

A little boy who wonders of forests, planes and trains

Just innocent and easygoing playful and relaxed

Old age has set in, no need to fight or reach higher or to learn more or to think, just remaining a small little boy.

That is where we might find ourselves today.

The gentle kindness of our innocence matters to us all.

Hand gentle to people.

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Women are beautiful people [Poem]

Now my father wants to hurt himself, because he is not accustomed to deal with his feelings properly, are you my father mother?

he thinks he wants to be an elderly man today, at 72 he isn’t really old in our world view, are you my father mother?

at this age in our society he should have things together about his life, and in his way he bearly does while he walks on his knees for his teacher, are you my father mother?

because a woman brought a book into my life in 2008. That is all he knows how to do now, are you my father mother?

and I never seen him be respectful to anyone, are you my father mother?

this is really something, are you my father mother?

he found love in another man. Oh! You are not a man mother!

At 72.

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Words in the family [Poem]

They matter a lot, secrets and truths spoken to us.

Words of promises and words of what will be in the distant time.

Words, they matter and they can bring healing and they can comfort

and they need to be used with care and good intent.

Where are these words today?, 

These words were intended truth and promise of better future for children

These children now have grown into adults.

Where are the fruits of what you promised? 

The fruits of my trust & love in how you choose to weave your life?

I look into my eyes in the mirror with honesty and I know that violence and lies do not work. Did you lie? Whatever power you think of? When you certainly assure your words with violence, it is a painful living for us all.

Degradation has no room in my heart. 

Where is your integrity towards your family? Where is your love and sense of truth?

Why do you hide behind lies and violence?

Where is your conscious?

Do the words in the family matter to you?