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Dark mistakes [Poem]

And when you stop for a moment and see

The mistakes you made and your incapacity to deal with the dark shades of your psyche,

When you see you have no answers for the problems that eat you up

Day and night

That you put away and tried to deny them as not important

When you see that.

And the grim perspectives you weave for others, in defence of love and community, in secrecy because you were not open enough in your heart and mind to express your true intent.

When every intellectual book you ever read brings you no satisfaction,

Imposes of your mortality and moments of withheld love and caring

When you won’t be able to do any more but to fall down on your knees and pray,

For the grace and love of Buddha’s to surround you,

So your mind one pointedly can go in the direction of enlightenment.

When you see that hard work lies ahead of you and within the work out of resentment hope will glimmer that for those little details of life where you know you were terribly bad and hid away in various ways you will see that you are able to be a student in the Buddha Dharma

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No secret [Mention]

What is important is not so much how long you live as whether you live a meaningful life. This doesn’t mean accumulating money and fame, but being of service to your fellow human beings. It means helping others if you can, but even if you can’t do that, at least not harming them. – His Holiness Dalai Lama

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

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Durga Ma [Tanka Poem]

Jai jai jaia Durga Ma
Goddess Shakti Ma
Abiding insightfully
Ma sounding syllable dum.

Image by Tuhin khamaru from Pixabay