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Except the ones I like [Haiku Poem]

Good evening everyone, it is very late in Toronto and I am pretty sure I found the colours for my new website makeover. It will have a scrapbook feel to it and be expressing the various artistic and poetic, prose topics I share.

Symbols are important to me as they predecease the language (I am sure about that) and give meaning to people of various cultures according to their traditions, this makes me feel that my work is more accessible to people from around the world. That is kind of where I am today.

Today I started the follow through formula from B-School and I am looking forward to the course starting again on August 2. This is a program that can totally transform you life.

What is most important in my work for people is that it is something to talk about.

Maybe you will follow the gold dot around my site once the B-School is over.

Ha ha ha ha ha
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Tomorrow’s art exhibit

So glad my photography will be part of this art exhibit (in the poster above) 💚🌴

July 16, 2021 update

Thank you for the invite to this art show and music performance. It is difficult to speak about my art when someone hates me with passion in my heart, womb. I wish I wasn’t hated for no just reason to enjoy this art show and music and people’s company. 💚🌴 Thank you for receiving positively my photography. Living with brain injury does affect my life. It means a lot to me to share and discuss our art. 🎙📸 A Sonam Wangmo

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Updating FBT B-School 2021

Since I am a B-school-ina for life I decided it is time to update Feminine Brilliance Temple. Starting August 2 during 6 weeks I will update the website and my work.

Keep reading here. 💚🌴

I love Marie Forleo and this is one of the articles

from her famous blog on business.

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💚 Few words on Deity Yoga 🙏

In Vajrayana Buddhism, we practice embodying the Deity and offering prayers to that Deity until we reach enlightenment. Everyone has their favorite Deity.

This is a good article from the Gelug school of Buddhism, it is about cognitive mental health benefits of deity yoga practice.


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🐋 First Indigenous Governor General 🐋

I am a happy Canadian woman.

I am very happy to read that an indigenous woman Mary Simon is a new Indigenous Governor-General, appointed on the birthday of His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama.

“I can confidently say that my appointment is a historic and inspirational moment for Canada and an important step forward on the long path towards reconciliation,” said Simon from the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Que. “ – CBC & CP24

❤️‍🩹 I celebrate you Mary and your heritage. ❤️‍🩹

Piękna Cana nam da.

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🎁 Updated Free gift coming 🎁

The 21 feminine practises are going to be updated and will be available this month of July for a free download.

Thank you everyone who is following and reading.

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A reflection of life ♐️ 🌒 [Sonnet Poem] 💚🌴

All people matter and are connected,
Innately care about humanity,
On this green earth no one is rejected,
Many are healing from insanity.

I have pain in my heart from my carer,
Killing and death bring on an inner pain,
Unwilling I had fear to discover,
Growing in love and force for my heart's reign.

Cosmic wisdom is written in the birth,
The prayer descended Goddess on me,
Green Tara has love for all on this Earth,
Goddess Tara is present inside me.

Jewish year set in a positive prime.
Illuminated mind works all the time.
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🇨🇦 HAPPY CANADA DAY 🇨🇦 [Tanka Poem]

A Mari Usque Ad Mare

Heart of this land lives,
Manitoba shines brightly,
Between two great seas, 🌊
Cape Spear to Boundary Peak,
People are interesting.

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🇨🇦 HAPPY CANADA DAY 🇨🇦 [Tanka Poem]

Coast to coast vast land,
Second largest in the world,
Let’s remember them;
The native men and women,
Who lived here before we did.

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A short witch story [Sestina poem]

The beautiful women of green Norway, 
Away from sad struggles of other north, 
Close to the right broom of sisters' witches, 
In various books on holy water;
Frightened cats and small snakes were all blood red, 
Grasses swayed in the wind on a long road. 

Many stones paved in colours a long road, 
Close to the blue ocean of green Norway, 
Puzzle pieces fell from the sky blood red, 
In the lovely hillside of other north,
Where the big chair burns this holy water, 
Beautiful women are sisters' witches.

Where the big chair burns these sisters' witches; 
Stirring stars in the sky spoke the long road, 
Away from struggles of holy water,
Where the big red chair sits in green Norway, 
Close to the blue ocean of other north, 
Her wild hair was tangled up and blood red.

Tall ornamental vases were blood red; 
In various books on sisters' witches,
Where the big red chair sits in other north, 
Moon fell down to my bag on the long road, 
Away the sad struggles of green Norway, 
Close to the right broom of holy water. 

Happiness may run with holy water; 
Around the stone circle was all blood red,
In the lovely hillside of green Norway, 
Happiness may run the sisters' witches, 
From my crown, a star flew on the long road, 
Away from sad struggles of other north. 

Happy people live well in other north; 
Beautiful women are holy water,
Trees grew tall and fresh along this long road, 
These flying angry birds were all blood red, 
Away struggles! of the sisters' witches,
Happy people live well in green Norway. 

The long road to other north,
Green Norway gave holy water, 
Blood red are the sisters' witches.

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Noble marriage [Haiku Poem]

Unique to us vows,
Alert in love & fighting,
Mudra, works with us.

Thank you love 💕 I love my Loten Dahortsang

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🎶💫🎨🖌✏️✨ Gather ✨✏️🖌🎨💫🎶

Let’s gather on zoom to discuss poetry and words and writing and topics that inspire our writing. This is where I reside daily is in front of my pages I write. I am serious about writing. Together over weeks, we will virtually gather to cackle about words. I know you are serious about words too.

Let’s gather monthly day before the full moon 🌕 at 7pm-8pm.

This is designed to inspire our creativity and poetry. 🪶 Beef up our dialogues and make conversations more involved.

This will be something of an annual membership fee $53/year 🎶🪶💫

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Imperfect limerick [Poem]

Awful good these bags of tayto

Except to have yourself a tomato.

Drink plenty of coke, have a smoke,

Dance wildly, sing a song loudly.

Hopefully you won’t croak.

Irish beer photo from Unsplash

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Friend [Poem]

Facet joined karmically.

Reborn in the energy of love.

Instantly behold another.

Earthen from the beginning.

Naturally encompassing giving.

De facto cosmic present.

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

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St. John Paul II [Mention]

Do not abandon yourselves to despair.

We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.

St. John Paul II

Image Grant Whitty on Unsplash

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Are we connected? [Poem]

Some people want to say yes, others no.

My mind believes we are if we let ourselves.

Connection for the sake of helping others can destroy and overwhelm us.

To feel others pain, hatred, suffering is unbearable.

Oneness exists with those who care about it and live a life of honesty and corny plane good.

I have learned I have to connect wiser. I didn’t know some people don’t connect.

Connection is important. In a good spirit connect wiser.

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Cultural problem of homelessness [Poem]

I am inspired by my teacher Ven. Mingyur Rinpoche as well my own experience of loosing my home, more than once… today on the street cruising with people and little bit of coin and love and most importantly security in my own sane mind along with my rage I can cope with my pain inner and mental physical and parental.

Feel sane in your rage people, feel sane, it isn’t about superficial kindness and fake peace where a smile breaks your face from pain and everyone who sees it knows what you are feeling. In silence no one comments.

Because of the goddamn money?

Money isn’t a problem here!

It is a sense of value

The real human connection in the current condition and with the right right reasons, without love money will never buy you love, street can show you what is missing and enhance your healing.

Awareness and pain numbness cannot hide don’t let rage of unresolved problems stand in your way, money isn’t the reason.

Money isn’t the shame and in homelessness if money is a game then it will be shameful to see it one day and say

Good damn, for this paper ?!

For this coin!?

This is not the value the real human treasure it isn’t the value of people

Money won’t replace what your guide can give you, because money isn’t the value, sharing is simple, love shares, gives and it doesn’t shame, degrade, it rises and heals.

It is pain.

Street hurts everyone.

The blind the most.

The deaf and cold to reality.

The ones who want to be right in a dream of illusory culture of their mind. The proud who hold on to the image of correctness. Who are they correcting? Have they got their lives figured out or are they really holding to scarcity and fear of failure and loss and depression and most of all to the death. They do, they are clenching death in their hands.

The desire to kill so goddamn real for some people over money? Over no love, just a coin, where is your worth? It isn’t in your bank account it is in the sane mind. The sane give with a smile on their face without greed. All things solved. No home, homelessness hurts us all.

In our country Canada everyone is included already in homelessness, in your taxes you pay towards shelters, and medical care (great big shelter it is too). Homelessness touches any walk of life and socioeconomic spheres, damn pain, it does, even millionaires end up on the street homeless sometimes wanting to bring order to their lives, the heavy pace of life and discomfort pushes all inner connections to work harder than normal.

Because we haven’t got a clue how to pick up a telephone.

Some cry, some laugh, some cannot bear their emotion, don’t handle money if you cannot handle your feeling.

Yes I would take my daughter on the street with me and feel safe together and discuss all that matters, maybe it is like the Peruvian mountain that needs to be reached, this one is a dive and like all things in life it is what you make out of it. Feel comfortable it can even bring you a laugh. Street is yoga.

Homelessness can be visible or hidden, exposed or silent, in the mountains or city, in the shelter or tent, the scariest one is one in your home where you were born, chained and detached scared and poisoned locked to obey and do not ask questions, thank God Goddess, hermits and loners I could pray. People would see me, it was transparent. People weren’t helpful and kind. Humanity has a feel and sense a vibe and transparency and it flows mostly in the direction of resonance with what is good and whole and helpful and restoring. Not killing.

Rinpoche is so good to me, I can meet myself again on the street, real, whole, quiet, observant, cuddled, cold, with pain, no tear, just feeling the inner talks, working themselves out, thank the street it is here to help you all workout your discomfort and fear shame and delusion paranoias and problems.

I want a home, a real one filled with love and care good vibes and values and no war, no silent treatment and no avoidance, no carpet 4 inches off the floor covering up all that was swept under it, so thick and ugly, the sticky mucky dark disturbed mental and emotional junk that prevents us from seeing what real colour of the floor is,

then after a while, we also ignore the floor, and somehow we get this disease and we don’t look at people and we have only these papers in our hands and plastic cards tapping and passing paper aka money and numbers without at all reflecting about the other human being or that carpet covering up that 4 inch pile of scum. Damn where is the real value hidden?

I am into walking a lot.

Image by author, homeless man in Toronto.

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Wasteful exhaustion of time [Poem]

You overusing barbaric creature

You waste all our time for so many years and you are not giving back to anyone aproprietly. You have wasted resources of people. You lied and deceived others.

You have disrespected Religion and time and all of it!

It is going to be the time and money which will finish you.

You are a loveless ungrateful vain man who doesn’t offer anything to anyone, just always wants more. It is never enough for you ever.

Thank heaven and Earth and Spirit it all is impermanent and you too shall get what you deserve from women and people.

You feminine degrader, you will be remembered by all.

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Our separate ways [Poem]

Where life is leading me is clear and obvious.

You will not be by my side.

You will need to walk a path that resembles Buddhist values in a different Sangha, away from me.

You are disrespecting people’s boundaries, with lack of human values. evil intent and greed and meanness and desire for high power.

Because you deny common sense and because you deny honest advice and help from good people,

You will need to walk a separate way from me.

I cannot tolerate such evil in my life and watch other people falling down for you because you enjoy suffering of others so much. We all cannot be crawling on our knees.

Maybe you can find your way into some kind of retreat and do some serious work on your own, instead of using people to do your work for you.

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Words in the family [Poem]

They matter a lot, secrets and truths spoken to us.

Words of promises and words of what will be in the distant time.

Words, they matter and they can bring healing and they can comfort

and they need to be used with care and good intent.

Where are these words today?, 

These words were intended truth and promise of better future for children

These children now have grown into adults.

Where are the fruits of what you promised? 

The fruits of my trust & love in how you choose to weave your life?

I look into my eyes in the mirror with honesty and I know that violence and lies do not work. Did you lie? Whatever power you think of? When you certainly assure your words with violence, it is a painful living for us all.

Degradation has no room in my heart. 

Where is your integrity towards your family? Where is your love and sense of truth?

Why do you hide behind lies and violence?

Where is your conscious?

Do the words in the family matter to you?