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Hemingway Story [Poem]

Today on PBS I found an hour long story of Ernest’s Hemingway’s life. I was reminded of his turbulences and many women, recognized writing, noble peace-prize and that he suffered some severe head injuries leading him to dealing with difficult emotions, estrangement and efforts to address mental health. It is painful to hear that his writing is unachievable for others due to the depth of suffering from which he was writing. It is awful that he committed suicide and it is sad that he wasn’t able to win the battle in his life with the demons that haunted him.

I haven’t written anything more than 17 syllables in a while so I decided to sit down and write a poem out of my own suffering to honour the pain of E. Hemingway. I believe after watching this program I will be treasuring myself as a woman more. I am glad I didn’t commit suicide and I am glad I have caring people who support me.

Martyrdom & why you need to love me

It is frightening that you derive joy 
Knowing others are suffering 
it shocks my mind that you only want 
to see pain and laugh about it
I do not see what you do or are thinking as funny, 
we aren't friends, it's not my goal 
i do not want you to misunderstand 
pain you gave to me as a joke. 
I hurt and struggle because of your thinking 
I cant stand another day of unloving uncaring way 
you want to be with me.
Make a full effort to be kind and practice sanity 
towards your relatives, I am not into making you happy 
you feel like you want to vent allover my precious body. 
I don't need or have reasons or need reasons 
for your sense of humour and laughter at unjust 
pain of other people. you do not appreciate martyrdom.
you don't know what to do with one in your life.
Scars remain from knowing you.
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Brain Injury [Haiku Poem]

I feel ready to enjoy and complete another year of B-School as an alumni. I spent most day today working on art and design for the new site. I am very happy with the results. Stay tuned.

⚡️ Sign a letter to policy makers ⚡️

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Except the ones I like [Haiku Poem]

Good evening everyone, it is very late in Toronto and I am pretty sure I found the colours for my new website makeover. It will have a scrapbook feel to it and be expressing the various artistic and poetic, prose topics I share.

Symbols are important to me as they predecease the language (I am sure about that) and give meaning to people of various cultures according to their traditions, this makes me feel that my work is more accessible to people from around the world. That is kind of where I am today.

Today I started the follow through formula from B-School and I am looking forward to the course starting again on August 2. This is a program that can totally transform you life.

What is most important in my work for people is that it is something to talk about.

Maybe you will follow the gold dot around my site once the B-School is over.

Ha ha ha ha ha
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Your way pretty [Free Verse Poem]

I know you still want to kill me; 
Your way pretty.
I know you like pretty people; 
Your way pretty.
In life you hurt many people;
Your way pretty.
I know you are working at hard; 
Your way pretty.

I know you like to kill me calm;
Your way pretty.
I know you like those funerals; 
Your way pretty. 
We are all alive standing near; 
Your way pretty.
You are trying to live BIST way; 
Your way pretty.

We know you still want to kill us;
Your way pretty.
Bitterness' cruel pain kills me;
Your way pretty.
We know you don't know how to love;
Your way pretty.
We know you are working at heart; 
Your way pretty.

Photo of Henrik Wergeland a Norwegian writer, most celebrated for his poetry but also a prolific playwright, polemicist, historian, and linguist. Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

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🎨🖌✏️🌞 AN Art Exhibit [Cortes Nonet Poem] 🌞✏️🖌🎨

Oh, these many words, 
Words are powerful they fly, 
Fly with imagination in mind,
Mind wild by thoughts occupied not united,
United art exhibits expressing art and words,
Words to share meaning found in savour faire and your happiness,
Happiness brings our community together and we may create,
Create our expressions, our visions and stories, paintings and poems,
Poems are a unique way to relay an artistic sight,
Sight, a message with a few words carefully crafted, 
Crafted like a weave of thoughts and ideas,
Ideas in imagination,
Imagination may live,
Live on in art form.

Cortes Nonet is 14 lines (2 stanzas, 7 lines each)
First stanza syllable count as follows:  5/7/9/11/13/15/17
Second stanza syllable count as follows:  17/15/13/11/9/7/5
The last word of each line is the first word of the next line. 

It gives it an artistic shape of a diamond or a flower. The correct shape is visible on desktop or tablet.


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🦧 Leaving Violence [Free Verse Poem] 🦧

Episode 4
A girl was very little; 
A toddler when she was hit;
On the head by her mother.
Girl has to live brain injured.

Mother doesn't love her daughter.

A girl was abused when little;
Cried and cried and with her breath
Survived. Brain injury is part of life,
She walks with a cane, does what she can.

Mother doesn't love her daughter.

A woman knows her mother didn't love her;
She stays away and seeks her own comfort;
Good people aid her in living life;
She hopes of real love and her family.

Mother doesn't love her daughter.

Days go by, further the woman is away; 
Not with her mother, better she becomes; 
Relieved, rested, peaceful, hopeful, happy. 
There is no more violence in her life.

There is no more violence in her life.

Although I have a brain injury this poem isn’t about me. I came about my brain injury in a different way.