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🌬Winds [Fatras Poem] 🌬

These winds of change come and go, weather reforms,
Temperate falls, winds start picking up with them, 
All that is in their way from all directions. 
They can arrive with forces, effects, refine,
Shaping land, moving deserts, dispersing seeds, 
Having influence on all live on our earth. 
Tossed with the wind these sands are picked up grain by,
Tinny grain, in its direction and with plan, 
Traveling large distances in kilometres, 
Falling in new places and somewhere unknown, 
Habitat changes and winds reorder earth.
Ayurveda Buddhism Environment Poetry

💫🪐 Celestial things [Fatras Poem] 🪐💫

Heaven is filled with arranged symbols of light, 
Billions of years ago universe appeared,
When we look out at our spiral galaxy, 
Far reaching cosmic distant space and bright lights,
Patchy path of white light makes the milky way,
Stars of light grouped in twelve signs of zodiac,
Some are very old and guide our way surely,
Others are young, all of them are gassy balls.
Planets moving and working with each other,
Hosting new stars nebulas are giving birth, 
Celestial pieces moving solar system.

Téryho chata, Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia

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Leave your troubles [Fatras Poem]

You are troubled soul who doesn't listen to call,
Of the sense of common and people of wise,
The healing waters and thundering of light.
Troubles you are weaving are your own making.
You like to keep them while you create stories,
About things that aren't there, enhance sense of need, 
In everyone who hears them. Pondering. Hmmm.
The troubles want to leave you and they do talk, 
Amongst themselves about you, how to leave you. 
Please leave your troubles alone to live and live. 
Your life happy without troubles will improve.

Buddhism Environment Ethnic Lore Laughter Nature Poetry World Matters

Unfettered [Double Fatras Poem]

Hold on friends we are on wild ride of our life.
We haven't fallen down from anywhere, we are
Stabilizing future. We extracted what
Necessary devices, we needed to 
Get our goal completed. Too much time wasted 
On uneven temperament, more birds are 
Flying wildly now. We need to lift our wings
Higher presently see what debris is in 
Atmosphere. Thank you very much for knowing 
You left a bad mark on our planet. Maybe;
We all get old, we have what we held onto. 

We all get old, we have what we held onto.
One day you will fly high enough to see what 
Garbage you have left behind. I think we need 
To be walking with our feet in the sky and 
Our heads need be there too. You need to believe 
In what we don't do on Earth. Now we have to 
Tell everyone to not come to our planet.
We have to devise a new plan. Ha, ha, ha, 
A goal for some, we now mean what is thinking
Is what we all are into here. It is now 
Hold on friends we are on wild ride of our life.
Daily Life Ethnic Lore Family & Community Happiness Laughter Poetry Women's Affairs

My Baby [Fatras Poem]

Ten fingers and ten toes so little so warm,
Smile when you see me and listens to my songs.
Bundle of joy and darling sunshine, my life.
Curly hair and blue eyes and your little nose.
I know you like songs and music by your look. 
You love to be with me, on my lap, to chat.
You already know what you are, what you want.
You like the outdoors, walks and plays, trees and birds.
Wonderful, happy, curious, appear wise.
Our love is strong, we know it, wiggle your toes.
Wave your little hands at me and grab my hair.
Culture & Art Ethnic Lore Family & Community Happiness Laughter Poetry

Amusement Park [Fatras Poem]

Topsy turvy, in the wind and in the sun,
splashing water leaving colour rainbow marks.
The warm sunny weather makes the ice cream melt,
breeze is felt in the walks around the nice rides,
Children are jumping, there are rabbits, dragons, 
cats, dogs and bears, tin man may not be around,
today he is oiling his head. Wild things and 
crowds, games, things to throw and win, spin, shoot, catch, aim
then get a big cotton candy and a drink 
as you get ready for another cheer round
hair blown, laughter and fun at amusement park.

Buddhism Culture & Art Ethnic Lore Laughter Poetry

Mudras 3 [Fatras Poem]

My hands are two and with these ten fingers there's 
pointing them fingers at things necessary.
They become fancy with ornaments like rings.
Shakers to shake make one hand occupied, hmmm
spill the drink you may have to lick your finger.
Better not let them be slammed in the door, ouch
Making signs we do all the time, ooh la la.
Use just one finger, pet your cat's head today,
This is very true, we are weaving fingers, 
like in wave, we say hello, and say good bye.
Twists Oh my fingers in many ways murdas.

Buddhism Culture & Art Ethnic Lore Laughter Poetry

Mudras 2 [Fatras Poem]

My hands are two and with these ten fingers there's 
thing to tap, piano to play, strings to strum 
in our red guitar, itch to scratch, buttons to 
push, other hands to hold, shoulders to pat on, 
letters to write, drinks to make and shakes to blend, 
bananas to peal, cans to snap open, and 
noses to pick yours and mine, phones to dial, 
at the same time, buttons to sow, more and more.
This little piggy has gone to town today,
with both these hands, holding fruits of our labour
twists, Oh my fingers in many ways murdas.

Buddhism Culture & Art Ethnic Lore Laughter Poetry Religious Studies

Mudras [Fatras Poem]

My hands are two and with these ten fingers there's 
fancy things that I can do, bend and shape them.
On my own and I can get a help from you,
but then I think about it and it makes me,
wondering about my fingers with you, Ha
Ha, silly fingers and the mudras are not.
Wolfs in the shadows and symbols of water, 
flowers, candles and sound, and much more than that.
We are not going to discuss the phallic 
symbol; now we are going to bend our hands,
twists Oh my fingers in many ways murdas.