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Karma Sönam Wangmo's Feminine Brilliance Temple 💃🏻📿 Art, Language & Culture of women

~ About Me ~  
Tashi Delek, Welcome, Bienvenu(e), Bienvenidos, Tashi will lick you today. Namaskar.  
                                             One day at a lovely women's shelter in Toronto another woman living there told me that I am somewhat like Gandhi Mahatma.    
I am Karma Sönam Wangmo the Nurture & Nature Shakti. I am a minister in Buddhism. I am a published woman. 300 certified hours and a certificate as an Ayurvedic Life-Style Counselor with my name on it grace my wall. I was a nurse. I poses a doctorate in Religious Studies from an Esoteric Interfaith Company, they ordained me as a Reverend. 🐘 To hold this degree I presented my life's work and writings and wrote a liberal dissertation on Wild Feminine. 
I have a daughter Katalina and I have a husband Loten Dahortsang, I also have a very super duper grandma Eugenia, and super duper mom Jolanta. Did you notice who isn't mentioned? That man has power.
The best vacation I was on was 1 month in Corfu in Arillas.
Here is a vast variety of writings related to living embodied feminine life. Read my full bio.
"Do not create Samaya problems" - Karma Sonam Wangmo

“There are people invested in corrupting the view of oneness, some people are into a certain type of intelligence that drives their interest but doesn't make them good people. These people think they don't need to mind themselves. Their intent is people. About the theft of Self. This is a result of wrong attachment, aversion towards good and lack of correct thinking. It is very difficult to think with crooks." - Karma Sönam Wangmo

Words of my Dzogchen master:

"You have to be careful because now in the world groups are trying to influence people saying they are spreading dharma teachings. You are always free to decide for yourselves, but you can receive negativities." - Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche

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