Amazon, Peru 2013

Nature is very important to all of us on the planet. We cannot live without nature. Earth is our home and a home to millions of other sentient beings. The disconnect from nature is a leading cause of our global problems. Without an environment, we will not have an economy. When we will take the best care of our environment, we will have a natural and balanced economy for us and for future generations. A good environment allows for sustainable living. We all need to contribute to support natural habitats and conservation of resources and taking care of our feathered and four-legged friends including the tiniest bugs and insects.

I bless and support all ethical initiatives and support programs, relief, preservation activities for all global issues related to the conservation of nature and our planet. I support the ethical treatment of all animals. I am developing a seal of Green Tara for organizations to use to represent themselves in the world.

I value that in my city Toronto, our public library has free films accessible with documentaries about pressing issues concerning the conservation of nature. Topics related to environmental conservation, animal preservation, endangered species, ecological topics, and other green subjects.

These films speak of organizations and individuals whose sole purpose is to protect animals and our planet, you can directly donate money and time to these organizations.

Animal well being is important to me. Otters are some of my favourite animals. Recently I was touched by these documentaries. periodically this list will be updated.

Sonam Wangmo