Devotion [Part 2]

Is it chemistry, biology, quantum physics or karma? Is it desire, need, obligation, or curiosity? What is it that makes us fall on our knees at the feet of our beloved teachers? In one word: Love (Amor/Miłość) Even today as 2019 is with us already and Losar is few weeks away, even when we know … Continue reading Devotion [Part 2]

What is the best way to get into Buddhism? [Reader Question]

Why some people become Buddhist in this life time and while others don't has a lot to do with their individual karma. It is important to stress that each major religion has tools to develop and cultivate practices that generate inner happiness. Buddhism is focused on cultivating 'enlightened mind' Bodhicitta, and on cultivating inner happiness. … Continue reading What is the best way to get into Buddhism? [Reader Question]