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Five Buddha Families 👩🏻‍🎨 📥 [Poem]

Ello my readers!

I created this artsy 5 Buddha Family Tracker for you to use.

Fill out on your own or with family and friends 
your own 5 Buddha Family Tracker.

La la la la la
5 nice families work together
Like a clockwork Mandala works
Always harmonious even in shadow
Creating sunshine ☀️ out of happiness
and hiding shadows, moon is happy now too.
I know what you said Pandaravasini
I remember that happening too 🖍

Now you can study and learn and explore
where good teachers share
about these families.

Life will make sense for you with study of Mandala.

ཀ Sönam Wangmo
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I don’t consider being able to scream an improvement in my life.

I decided to help some stupid arrogant cruel and bad people who hurt me, all in the name of oneness. Maybe I took on too big of a job. The whole thing is to me too mad. I am looking for my kind of normal equanimity. I already sound unhappy and angry 😤 when I deal with day to day, why scream? It doesn’t work for me and for people who work with me I don’t see myself as a leader screaming at people. No one needs to scream for me on my team. That is not necessary, that would mean we are living disjunction. I thought of these raging rooms that are in Toronto and I don’t know how I feel about it. Rage doesn’t clear up rage, rage makes more rage. Meditation and prayers and calmness make more calmness. I don’t need to scream for my stupid students who deserve all they are going through, my good students naturally don’t get to see or know about my bad students. Screaming isn’t a sign of happiness and it doesn’t help me to increase joy power or anything I like. I am not the kind of teacher that needs to scream at people, only at my bad students. Please don’t think it is a blessing that I scream. Dear Gods what a difficult life this is for some.

Back in 2018 I took Akshobya vows to never get angry, I am unhappy I broke them too many times in my opinion. This is why this is a practice so that we will fail and we will have to get better. Eventually the peace is a seamless continuity of undisturbed mind. I also took other things and didn’t break those vows. Too much anger is a problem.

Well there you go, things to think about, sure you can ask questions here in the thread.

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A mommy reflection and the greedy we do not ever need on Earth. 👩🏻‍🎨🎙

My mommy and my good friends who also are mommies helped me write this. This is a serious read and the recording has additional content and omissions.
This is 12:23 long read.

Les mamans sont si merveilleuses

To be a mother is a very important task. The mommy is bringing in a new life and that means there is a relationship already, I believe, between that new person and the mom. So it grows and grows in the womb and then after, usually these days 9 months, it comes out and is little and needs a lot of help to grow. That is a special time to get to know each other dad gets to know the little baby and mom gets to know the little baby but in reality, the mommy who breastfeeds and nurtures the baby in the womb and has a connection in the womb is the most special person in the world. Mommies are special. There is much to talk about in the world about mommies and what women and do together. with and then once we know each other better we make our plans for a nice life together. So mommy job isn’t really difficult, it requires a lot of love and a flow of energy between us and direct connection inside the womb and in the heart and that is nice and nurturing. As a woman with girls, I have a girl, it is nice to see and flow the power.

The mommy job means that the protection of her child is the priority and no sane mommy can ever be involved in destroying her child’s life; that is unnatural and immoral. We are not here on this Earth to create a child and welcome it to fear and life of torture. We do not own children and they aren’t things to manipulate and abuse and explore inhumanely. So trying to slowly kill children with a premeditated lie and evil intent is not why we are here on Earth. It is a problem that doesn’t require much thinking that an evil woman who had a child who she hurt would ever want anything for herself is wrong, she can only want to be on her knees to beg and look for solutions and forgiveness. This is vile and disgusting that some very evil mommies think they breed like animals to use human consciousness to be tortured and the body to be mutilated inside so that they can prolong their life. That is not oneness and not a religion and not spiritual. That is greed. So children have their own connection with a mommy. A mommy job means looking after the flourishing of the child and watching how to best help her grow and so that she becomes the best that she can be. In no way is the job of mommy to let the girl take over her life and if that happens that is a misalignment that perhaps was discussed on a karmic level, however in most cases that signifies the mommy is a bad one who needed to be aligned and put in her right place. Mommy like me takes care of her girl with love and watches and chats a storm inside about life. The flow of power is beautiful and should never be abused. I dislike women who want to see their daughters in rage on mothers and I dislike to see mothers in rage on their daughters, there really doesn’t need to be any of that. It requires some thinking and harmonious intellect to create a flow between women that keeps us together and with love without dues.

hmm… discipline question, I see; it matters what mind you are discipline and what body you are disciplining and what heart you are disciplining what works for one child isn’t always good for all of them, we would have to group them. So with my girl, she doesn’t need discipline, ours is a long story and I give her love and she knows what to do is how we are. Discipline is something I know how to do and I don’t need to discipline her. When women think with me about disciplining their child I need to ask who is this for? This means mean mommies try to get a different answer than we all think on me is a problem! I agree. Why that is, is because I am too nice. I am just like that and I don’t like for anyone to abuse me and my girl for our niceness and to try to manipulate us to be ‘even-nicer’ because they want to abuse our power. essentially these are desperate suckers who are looking for love in the wrong place.

There are some horrible mommies out there who steal things from other women’s wombs and torture women and who inappropriately bond with women for profit on abuse of other children while they elevate their egos and make themselves unable to hear and think correctly. In my opinion that is an abuse of women’s power for things that we all s humanity know how to do and get in other ways. it is spiritual isolation and makes for idiotic thinking and ego problems emerge all the time when the correct view is shown. Good women quickly know how to correct the path and do everything they can to avoid conflicts and to create peace and nurturing love. The bad women are going to be eliminated and they are really into displaying how ignorant they are in abuse of children for a gain of power that no one wants to see and have around. Who wants to have power and love that is based on killing and theft? That is madness. No love exists out of badness and we cannot give love a bad name. No one who is sane wants that.

Today is the 21st century, Mommies of all nations are united and work together to support each other in a loving way so the world is a peaceful and loving place to live, where we all be a community of brothers and sisters and people who are living our happiness. As human beings, we don’t need killing, theft, greed to be our potential. Oh, My Goddess what a scary thought to have! If greed was the superpower in this world we would all cease to exist in a short time, we would be powerless, hungry and lonely untrusting and fearful. and the last greedy person would be dead too, that means that these greedy women need to know how to be normal and how to use their own feminine power, maybe they weren’t women before? These women are desperately seeking connection within themselves and they cannot find it because they have no hearts that work properly and they have no wombs that work properly and we the good Mommies are so busy helping these suckers fix their lives. Jesus and Maria help us all and the Buddhas already do.

I want to be in good connection and call out to ALL the good mommies on Earth and in the cosmos to help us continue to create the Earth of peace and the bad mommies need to be exchanged and fixed. This is not men’s problem. They are not bad. We as women cannot be abusing men either to blame them, that is not the way to say no because boys and girls know how to get together. Everyone knows that already. Normally a girl finds a boy or a boy finds his girl and they are together like that. I have my Loten and my girl is Katalina and he helps her with me too. The help of a man means a nice stable home and us working together and being happy, we both are into the same things. That is normal. We don’t compete and we support each other. We both are teachers, writers, artists and we make love. I gave up my body for my girl and I love her and it was needed and that I tell you is important that she isn’t ever balmed for that. My girl has a very nice body; I wanted to stay with my grandma and my father and my mommy, Dear God what a problem to educate her. I gave up my body so my mean mommy has something ugly to look at, Goddess almighty why do nasty mommies like that exist that need to make ugly and look at ugly? We are not here to make ugly. I need all Mommies of this Cosmos to help align and fix my Mommy so she is sane and not greedy. Power struggles like this and lazy women who don’t want to use their own power properly and feel entitled wrongly to abuse good mommies are chose du passé thing. My girl speaks French and I speak Spanish and she speaks Spanish and we both know that both these languages have much in common and it is nice. I lived in France in Strasbourg Barr for almost two years and my girl was a wonderful help. My greedy mommy likes to steal my daughter and she is already punished for saying she only wants love, we all see my mommy doesn’t use love well, she needs to learn how to live.

I like to play this belief with women that there is a land of mommies and there are doctors and nurses and spiritual leaders and the bad mommies go there and they get fixed. they learn about their power and how to be and then they return to earth all better.

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Write and Read 👩🏻‍🎨 [Poem]

Just words
Sometimes you have to be forced
To do something that is bad and big
Read and write, a quest complete a story,
It wasn't green or stitched up pig

The pig was mentioned today, suddenly.
It was a plain pig, an oink next to the mud
A pig covered in bentonite clay
With negative ions going on it’s skin
Nom nom we gonna eat you
Right after we pierce you
Your earrings give you no patience little pig
You are our clean meal.
All photos from author, and FREE services: unsplash, pixabay, pexels, file morgue and others and paid services.
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Justice is necessary 👩🏻‍🎨 [Poem]

All we are, are these bones and tethered bodies filled with thoughts,
May all pain of losing home never overshadow losing body,
Mind cannot replace reality in which torture and hatred live simultaneously without worry about future,
And they lose on death and dying;

Coins are flying, loons in the sky, boats on water and beavers 🦫 working their dams but hurt women blood doesn’t flow,
they are cut and brutalized for demon beasts without humanness with them,
what are we in this joy after being soiled by evil?
Too late for a lot.

Yet tears of joy flow undisturbed and free.

some women today are extremely sorry.

Art by
Sönam Wangmo

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On death and dying

Death comes to us all and as people we have a responsibility to live mindfully so that death isn’t a dishonest fear based departure, but rather an honest freezing transition to something restful and then to a better life.

Our lives and all we do everyday is leading us to something, within community and as individuals. It is important how we spend time, what things we generate and what we do with our thoughts and how this builds or harmonizes communities is important. It isn’t a boring life, it is a life of balance with joyful diligence and practices and leadership based in wisdom and compassion, people who are working out more difficult problems are supported by the great web of individuals who are together with intention generating better future.

Death is something that can be studied and it is important for people to learn how to die with dignity and have attention on death throughout life. Impermanence pervades life and reminds us of unknown and inescapable nature of death. Dying isn’t bad it is how we die and how we live and how we prepare for dying and living. That matters.

For my Loten in love life and death and our common Buddhist values.

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The freedom of a loon💲 [Poem]

Long awaited
In prayer and words of daily charms of sweet waffle bites,
The moments unfolded with patient grace and honest statements,
Knowing that someone guilty and bad is getting too much grace, shifts the air a Dakini and out of the clouds emerges a question which simple true innocent answer is FREEDOM. It is mine.

How celebratory. How important on this November unbirthday of my daughter.

Thank you my Lamu, thank you your eminence, thank you Buddhism and thank you Big Love.
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Using each other [Poem] 🎥


We cannot all feel good with one another, we vibe with those who understand us. Our insides are private and vital to our whole karmic story. How many women are inside you? Who is the guard of the lodge of women? What gifts and joys are living inside me? Who are you sharing with? How can we transform from one appearance to another? As women we are drawn to those who vibe in our energy of likeness, I could say from the easiest to the most difficult is only one energy of Shakti expressing her changing strength and quiver. Shakti is flowing through us all and we must be conscious and considerate of each other to not bond, or get stuck with someone ripping life out of us. Do not let yourself be used. When love is difficult breath space and stay kind. Have you missed your attack on you today? Was someone distracting you from feeling pain? Now you woke up with a new perspective on a rainbow while others mocking you behind your back. Where is the guard of the lodge of women?
The one who wants to watch suffering the most, must be redirected, observed, educated, avoided.

Eventually she will give up on the fighting as soon as she sparks her thinking and mind and brings to her understanding of the pain she caused in her womb to her only child, like to herself when she rejects all that is her, she must think about getting hurt the same way she did it. People take back what is mine and be happy 😊 you deserve a good life and a better karma.
Life walks away from her where it can be freed.

Oh women, let’s become the source of good not bad.
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Blinded by hate [Poem]

We as women do not want to be seen unloving. 
We care about the experience of our sister.
We need to be careful how we give our love.
We are not going to be giving into fear of power,
walking in the darkness of who we are.
We do not want for women to feel powerless.
We cannot be everyone to someone.
I am a woman and cannot be a man for you,
Your hatred in unnecessary and unjustified
You are not seeing me as who I am, a woman.
This pain takes years and even lives to heal,
We as women cannot live in the hatred and shadows,
It doesn’t create a positive vibe or community.
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On shame [Poem] 🎥

My father is a good man who empowered my feminine and a search for healing. Healing Maya Shakti takes care, sensitivity, time, reflection. 

As the moons wax and wane the women of wholeness share their biological cycles and sit in circles, and the women who are hurt and hurting are joined in these circles in hope of love reconciliation and an end to pain.
It makes a difference if blame or shame emerge first or when they emerge. The shame can be so icky and stuck in our bodies; could you hold it for a moment and give it a new direction? This becomes a responsibility in my opinion, is why we share with sisters our words about it, and love makes changes possible. Then blame honestly is a word defining rejection of reality, as no matter how much you yell at the sky, it doesn’t answer, it is still blue with clouds rolling by. I blame you for your beauty and your heart.
Like that we are walking around posting our signs.
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Buddhists don’t kill [Poem] 🎥

How can we escape the samsara of wrong screwing? 
Sexual mocking of a blooming flower.
Someone must hate sex so much they are hating their own child.
I took it all upon myself and my little heart.
To breathe and to survive.
Did I look like a little boy when I was little?
Were your parents happy with your birth?
Or did I like my father a lot more?
I didn’t want to sit in the darkest of depressions.
Still we are fighting and longing for peace over hatred and badness.
May our flowers bloom.
My husband knows I am a woman, he doesn’t deny reality.

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🕉 Women Books Series 🕉 Body 🕉

Wild wombs still today,
The cooling calmness becomes,
Return to the peace.
Their voices speak from within,
Giving up on their fighting.

In the midst of the ESCAPELBGQ 6 week series, I decided to do a series on the Wild Woman’s Way book by Michaela Boehm. I searched my digital library and decided to do something ‘new‘ to support the Shakti community and immerse myself in the reflected language we use to express feminine topics.

Women are precious and nurturing and creators of life. In the mysteries of the womb, women can heal and help and reconnect to sanity. In the shadow of the womb (and that is exactly where the ESCAPELBGQ series resides) women’s stories become draconian nightmares of torture and hatred. Holding space for such horrible Maya Shakti makes me scream murder day and day and day after day. Doing the 6week series on rage (aka Anger) was easier than doing the series on ESCAPELBGQ, both are anger topics and the latter is more visibly about killing feminine and misogyny.

Holding space for transformation is a full-time job.

Hence I reach out to this beautiful Austrian sister’s book.

The Wild Woman’s Way Unlock your full potential for pleasure power and fulfilment.

The first words of this book address the topic that I am living for the last years and that my teachers and my husband support. BODY.

The body is a wise and necessary vehicle for a living. It lets us join in the activities of human beings. with its many channels and centres the body is living. As women, I feel in the womb we have a place of connection with other women, a place that needs to properly communicate with the head. Some women don’t spark in the mind. The womb is central to a woman’s life and her way of being in the world. In there are connections to the whole body and having good teachers I am grateful for what they do for me and how information is shared between women via this interconnected web of the feminine. I am not one with my body. I want to be one in my body. I have no option except to fight for my own body. I cannot use my body as a resource for others. I have wildness in myself and this witness needs to be cherished and loved and accepted and I believe all women who are good and have wildness need to find their own inner balance of sense of calm with a sense of wildness. Until I met some women I didn’t have wildness in me. A lot of us don’t want to be wild. Wildness is not an everyday thing. It is fine for a while but it cannot be a lifestyle as it burns out the bodies of women. Body Body Body Body Body. The mandala of a body.


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Getting a voice [Poem]

To all the abused women by women.

Believe that there is a place and time 
where you can write about it. 
Since we were silenced 
and unable to voice anything 
about the people who abuses us, 
searched far and high to find 
who would help us 
to rid ourselves of these evil women. 
We wasted time and energy 
with hatred and killing, 
we were innocent 
and became disposable and hurtful. 
We cannot believe 
still how many years it took 
to get to glimpse 
at freedom from suffering. 
The long dark road behind us 
is filled with too much suffering 
and still is waiting to get organized 
and put in perspective. 
The pain is real and unfathomable. 
The trust is non-existent.

There is a time when healing love 
will come into our lives and will lift 
our voices up and out of the painful 
sorrowful hidden place. 

Once the voice comes in 
the truth will be easier to speak 
and will be filled with hope 
for a new beginning. 
We will be able to voice reality 
with an authentic unexaggerated 
sound of truth. 
Today we need to think 
that someday is around near.
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We definitely made it [Poem] EN|PL|ES

We definitely made it through this disaster, because you have a voice to speak clearly what happened. Because you have wisdom. Because you know what is wrong and what is right. Because prayers work and because people care. You are the best Dad in the universe. Always and forever your opinions and views will have importance. I am glad you are always going to be my dad, Ryszard Szewczyk.

Zdecydowanie przeszliśmy przez tę katastrofę, ponieważ masz głos, który jasno mówi o tym, co się stało. Ponieważ masz mądrość. Ponieważ wiesz, co jest złe, a co dobre. Ponieważ modlitwy działają i ponieważ ludziom zależy. Jesteś najlepszym tatą we wszechświecie. Zawsze i na zawsze Twoje opinie i poglądy będą miały znaczenie. Cieszę się, że zawsze będziesz moim tatą Ryszardem Szewczykiem.

Definitivamente logramos superar este desastre, porque tienes una voz para decir claramente lo que sucedió. Porque tienes sabiduría. Porque sabes lo que está mal y lo que está bien. Porque las oraciones funcionan y porque la gente se preocupa. Eres el mejor papá del universo. Siempre y para siempre sus opiniones y puntos de vista tendrán importancia. Me alegro de que siempre seas mi padre, Ryszard Szewczyk.

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Songs of Milarepa October 9~11, 2021

Online retreat: Learn more and register

Milarepa has a story. In the end he became a famous Tibetan saint. He wrote many poems, songs, ballads of his spiritual experiences. In the middle he had to repent, in the beginning he had a mother who was killed and his rage carried him away to live an evil life. I am not Milarepa and the teachings are important. I relate to the writing ✍️ as an expressive form of art.

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Meeting Shekhina Rogers 🎥

A Shekhina is a Jewish female deity of wisdom. Roger Roger where are you?

Fa la la la la contra me nothing is about. Phe he he he he.

Walk away, walk away.

And a bad news:

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Maya Shakti 🎥


Death is better sometimes than sex that isn’t wanted.

It is unimaginable what some people are willing to do to get something out of a good person they hate. We all cannot cross the same boundaries. This has to do with how you keep yourself in society with women. You have to believe me that we do not need to all be looking at each other.

The problem of this. Not every woman is designed to keep it together for everyone. Not all of us have to go through things/stuff at all. Some women are so bad they laugh at love.

Identification with wrong imagery very often people know is a problem of bad mixing. Anger and rage is everywhere that LBGQ2s is present. In the city of Toronto there are designated places with signs where people who identify as LBGQ2s can be accepted. This carries enormous consequences who we spend time with. This has a lot to do with washing out gender. The Maya lives there very happy. Maya thrives on pain and knowing it. Maya Shakti is the darkest hardest most difficult problems of women, I am only talking to and about women here. Maya Shakti in overload will bring on forgetting, forgetting disconnects people. Disconnected people are also worthy of acceptance. Maya is a form of dark Karma. This has to do with bad women. Women who kill for envy they have no control over. Destroying power is never going to bring about the health of women. I know for sure it has to do with watching pain and suffering of others. Maya Shakti is much darker in the bearing of a family killing.

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The 6 week series of LGBQ ESCAPE

For the one who wants to vomit and kill themselves.

I am a very big Buddhist Teacher, Thank you very much I know what to do with these 6 weeks. I am not happy to be mad. Get real with me over the 6 weeks and perhaps you might make it to the great beyond.

Beyond isn’t a place of killing. ‘I’ still exists in the beyond.

Good Gods & Goddess help us all! Why does the plural form of God include women and the singular doesn’t is something to think about.

At BIST You can join the WRAP program and learn how to survive in a community with people who are interested and give you kindness while you look for love in better places. Love is something you should have inside you from your family. Not everyone is here to share Love. I am not here to share love except with my Family. This is for those people who do not know the difference. We Love you. In the end, it is better to be alive and free than have your privileges taken away.


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A green hunt [Tanka Poem]

I like green pickles,
I left my nest to hunt this,
I love you with me,
Oh, where are you my pickle
I just want to hold you tight.

Cosmic Ethnic Lore Life & Death Nature Poetry Sexuality Women's Affairs World Matters

Devilish sisters [Tanka Poem]

Your titties are good,
You are better with them near,
They play so well girl,
Don’t hesitate to share them,
You’re going to be with me.