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Her name was freedom [Poem]

For her name was freedom;
I had to clearly establish my boundary
and tell you precisely who I am
that love only lives in this temple
and that there is no one else other than Grace

This home of wisdom this Vajra body
these elements balancing in effortless space
spontaneously arisen, so still in presence
and always responding to the knowing flow
of the environment and all that it holds within
balancing and arriving in equanimity

So how does this elemental spirit  
move through time and space?
What brings it together again night
after night from long journeys afar
Where the spirit belongs to the body
and the body is its permanent home

My thoughts return to a place in time
where our eyes met and I fell in love
with the presence so powerful and clear and blue
where I knew just what I had to do

For Love is so wild and it will make you do
the unbelievable things through
the movement of time and growing pains
you have changed so completely,
I can not understand

And now I know that there are
no boundaries to this home
This love and this life that it is all whole.
That the universe is our playing field
and the Buddhas and Dakinis
are laughing with you.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo

Buddhism Poetry Politics

A bad visit [Poem]

The subtle nuance of living

excuses itself for a moment
in the fabric of the visible
ugliness of this time

While I wait for you to grow up
to face your heart for real
and in a true way

you show me time and again
how incapable you are

of loving authentically and with tenderness
vulnerability and real honesty
in a way that shows everyone what is possible
and in the way of the love that grows with passing time

and I am sad to say that you did not make it
that this Holy Mystery has turned on you
that the life you have desired fell lower than expected
but please, I am only visiting here

so do not tell me how to live
and try not to show me your ugliness
for I live in Beauty every day and
I worship the Goddess and her name

While I left you a note that spoke of time
really what I wanted to say,
is that you will always do what is best
only when you are ready to

take a breath and realize that perhaps
things are not what you think they are
that beauty and wisdom do go hand in hand
and age has little to do with that

marriage as well does not define me
having a child does not make me wise
choices I make and the way I live
come from experiencing the power within

Reforming our ways is the path to Love
Greed and closure must have their end
Pride that you hold so mighty and high
Jealousy of the feminine heart
and that really shallow love
repressed feelings are all
stench your way

So notice that what I left behind,
were not my worn out clothes
but your family’s given things
the burden that no longer lives
in my heart.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo

Image from unsplash @davidhofmann

Buddhism Poetry Vajrayana

Cultivating awareness [Poem]

Awareness is the key to game we are in
and while you mischievously
play your unethical ploy
nothing will break you away from me
for I already know where is my home

For while you want to show me your power
and teach me some things that are untrue.

I tell you One Love manifests in me
and in the Way of Being
The way you are with people,
what you say and how you do things
is more important than what you are imagining.

The beliefs you hold only shape your reality
as far as you are willing to believe them
your core values are really at stake here
when you realize you still have them

For every moment is guided by something
and there is a presence within us all
our True Nature that wants to emerge
the longing so deeply buried within.

So while you might want to threaten me
with your ploys of dark energy
know that the Buddhas know their way well

I tell you that nothing is lost in the universe,Buddhist Park
indeed for much also has her teaching
and understand me

Sister you are not anything good at all
in your unwillingness to show up

For Love is really freedom you see,
and love hides nothing in its wakeful state
Love is innocent and playful and grace
and love really brings healing to all.
Love really knows how to face everything,
and names things when its time do so

When you can not bow down to real love
when you need to use your teacher to see
that you are really that small
and that power of the Buddhas is One.

So this game ends right here,
in the conscious balanced way
that power needs to be re-established by all
and not given to just one teacher

I will not go your way, I am not a Hindu you see,
I am not a Muslim, or Christian, or Sikh
I am a Queen of my own human life

Sharing with people who are longing to live in peace
For while we are trying to figure it out
The answer always has been here you see
in your Buddha Nature and in your heart.

In Oneness Sangha unites and its True
in Oneness we are all whole and home
the Three Jewels are always with you
and I pray you realize your way.

I recognize you, seeking to uncover your Buddha Essence
because you are one with it since the beginning-less time
in the heart of the Buddha and in your own heart.

In One Love, not in merging
we discover the essence of emptiness
not separate from luminosity.
We awaken.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo

Buddhism Poetry Vajrayana

Tigle Refuge [Poem]

Seek refuge in the timeless Dharma
that guides through the space,
Through the Earths wisdom and in Spirit
that understands what is natural and what is not
In the wisdom of the ancient times that
reverberates through our bones
and in the heart that is attuned to the Spirit’s highest call

Love that is real and not fake,
Love that is true and awake
Love that is accountable and free,
Love that knows how to live.

With respect and dignity
for our femininity,
for our wisdom in the womb
and for the wisdom in the heart.

In discovering our true leadership,
we learn how much more there is to learn
to understand the balance of the whole
and Compassion that has wisdom ways

The Buddhas know how to move us all
in the direction of sovereign Peace
In the direction of the brilliant sun
and the balance with the elements

In the wisdom of the Earth and Love
that feeds us in natural ways.
Be grateful to the Spirit from beyond and
the prayers that offer grace,

Those who understand the mind, the nature of reality
those who know how to move the energy
and how to live in sovereignty,
those who create peace and learned from discomfort
will not impart suffering to anyone else they are with.

Those who have not quite understood
these lessons so well
will need to learn them again and again until they are learned

Bring balance here on Earth,
Holy Tara, to your primordial essence we pray
and help heal, Enlighten the minds in one single incarnation.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo

Photo from unsplash


Lakshmi sadhana

Yoga introduced me to the Goddess and Lakshmi mantra is widely known.

This was the first time I spent 21 days with this Goddess, reflecting about her in my life, her influence on the world, family, earth. Early 2012, two days into the Tibetan New Year of the Dragon.

Lakshmi‘s four arms:

Dharma:  The way you fill your unique place in the matrix of life.

It is the desire to put your mark of beauty onto the world
When your desire is aligned with the Big intelligence,
as well as with your unique place in the whole,
you experience then genuine fulfillment of living true to your Dharma.

Artha: The resources you need to fulfill your dharma.

Material means, skills, physical wellbeing
and circumstance that will support you to live your Dharma.

Kama: In Feminine Embodiment Practices

we use pleasure as a doorway to Presence.
Our senses opens us, tickles us, nourish us.
Music, colors, taste, art, poetry, beauty,
all this bring the feminine closer to the divine.

Moksha: Ultimate Freedom.

The fruit of our practice is to realize Moksha in  the very essence
of all our experiences.
The realization of Moksha is not a process in time,
it is neither an awesome experience you once had, nor a goal to reach later.
Moksha is your luminous presence, always right here in the moment,
fresh and impossible to grasp and explain with the mind.
You can only live it, in moment-to-moment surrender.
Lakshmi and I
Me & Lakshmi in Corfu summer 2015, photo by Bibbi Friman
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Feminine Leadership

Wisdom tells me I am nothing.
Love tells me I am everything.
Between the two my life flows.

~ Nisargadatta Maharaj