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Karmapa16 Stupa 👩🏻‍🎨

Memorable days with great Buddhist Masters reminiscing and sharing of their experiences and time shared with the 16th Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje. He was the Wish-fulfilling jewel. 💎

During the last sharing session by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche I created this expressionism-frame.

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On death and dying

Death comes to us all and as people we have a responsibility to live mindfully so that death isn’t a dishonest fear based departure, but rather an honest freezing transition to something restful and then to a better life.

Our lives and all we do everyday is leading us to something, within community and as individuals. It is important how we spend time, what things we generate and what we do with our thoughts and how this builds or harmonizes communities is important. It isn’t a boring life, it is a life of balance with joyful diligence and practices and leadership based in wisdom and compassion, people who are working out more difficult problems are supported by the great web of individuals who are together with intention generating better future.

Death is something that can be studied and it is important for people to learn how to die with dignity and have attention on death throughout life. Impermanence pervades life and reminds us of unknown and inescapable nature of death. Dying isn’t bad it is how we die and how we live and how we prepare for dying and living. That matters.

For my Loten in love life and death and our common Buddhist values.

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Songs of Milarepa October 9~11, 2021

Online retreat: Learn more and register

Milarepa has a story. In the end he became a famous Tibetan saint. He wrote many poems, songs, ballads of his spiritual experiences. In the middle he had to repent, in the beginning he had a mother who was killed and his rage carried him away to live an evil life. I am not Milarepa and the teachings are important. I relate to the writing ✍️ as an expressive form of art.