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Amoghasiddhi [Acrostic Poem]

Amor amor amor amor amor.
Mystery stays within those who love,
Occasions give us the time to reflect,
Green colour karma family’s harmony,
Hidden gem inside awaits,
Attention to the mandala creates good,
Samadhi comes from healing family’s suffering,
Intentions bring about karma’s fruits,
Dear ones protect ones they love,
Dharma is precious and lives forever,
Harvesting beautiful karma’s fruits
Iconic Buddhist women guide us in the mandala.
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Peace 👩🏻‍🎨 [Poem]

Thank you to everyone who supports anything I am involved in.
Money is a right for good people.

Talking with people not avoiding
patiently listening
Involving Community
Understanding not avoiding
Observing with love
Patiently listening
Supporting truth
Supporting peace
Freedom of Religion
Patiently listening
Bonding sinners to to truth
Freeing helpers of peace
Receiving remuneration that is owed
No more dictatorship.
Truth Freedom Peace ☮️

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What Remembrance Day means to me 👩🏻‍🎨

This day is a groundless day, it really shows what we need to be looking at year after year are the changes that have to be made, people don’t know how to deal with groundlessness, Buddhism knows how to deal with groundlessness. The sense of groundlessness cannot stop and ground cannot start on killing, death or a fight. Canada claims to be 150 years old, Canada is a country created on murder of innocent people the land is here from before the dinosaurs and it’s important to really reflect about who we are as people today who chose to live her, and who we are as children of these people who came to live her, and perhaps didn’t have a choice to leave Canada. What it is that we are remembering today? Stories..

🌷 In all honesty I am finally semi-satisfied to see a Native woman Mary May Simon in a position of power and to have this native woman as an appointed person to represent what Canada is today and unfortunately it is a country that is still under the governance of the queen, the monarch of Kingdom of Britain 🌷

I want to see Mary May Simon highly respected. Respect means giving her power to help the native people the way THEY WANT TO BE HELPED. I don’t like that people would want to use the natives to try to save themselves on the natives or to make themselves a new image on the natives. Let the Native people make their own decisions.

I am unhappy about many things that are going on in Canada and I think it’s an important holiday today, Rememberance Day to see and be able to pay tribute to a NATIVE woman, a woman who is a native who is offering us a reflection with her person, her body, what people who are not perhaps directly related to us did to this land and with that we notice this significantly overdue gesture of pain and I only expect that if this position of Governor General is to continue every new person will be a native woman.

However I’d like to see a new and different Canada without British monarch over us, maybe we should have our own monarch. I don’t know who. Who do you think is THE BEST FAMILY IN CANADA?


I believe it is essential we remember people who died and lost their lives in saving what matters to us all. Life is precious. We remember that until we leave dualism we will continue to learn how to live in peace, and we should not be forced into fear and dying for what is important to us all. There has to be reflection on living peacefully and better life. We have to think on how to live without violence.
My great grandfather is a recipient of order of VIRTUTI MILITARI for helping saving Poland during WWII. My other grandparents also escaped concentration camps and stood for peace and preservation of culture. I also believe that it is important that our Governor General gets honoured first Native woman who knows of sacrifices that native people made for Canada.

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I don’t consider being able to scream an improvement in my life.

I decided to help some stupid arrogant cruel and bad people who hurt me, all in the name of oneness. Maybe I took on too big of a job. The whole thing is to me too mad. I am looking for my kind of normal equanimity. I already sound unhappy and angry 😤 when I deal with day to day, why scream? It doesn’t work for me and for people who work with me I don’t see myself as a leader screaming at people. No one needs to scream for me on my team. That is not necessary, that would mean we are living disjunction. I thought of these raging rooms that are in Toronto and I don’t know how I feel about it. Rage doesn’t clear up rage, rage makes more rage. Meditation and prayers and calmness make more calmness. I don’t need to scream for my stupid students who deserve all they are going through, my good students naturally don’t get to see or know about my bad students. Screaming isn’t a sign of happiness and it doesn’t help me to increase joy power or anything I like. I am not the kind of teacher that needs to scream at people, only at my bad students. Please don’t think it is a blessing that I scream. Dear Gods what a difficult life this is for some.

Back in 2018 I took Akshobya vows to never get angry, I am unhappy I broke them too many times in my opinion. This is why this is a practice so that we will fail and we will have to get better. Eventually the peace is a seamless continuity of undisturbed mind. I also took other things and didn’t break those vows. Too much anger is a problem.

Well there you go, things to think about, sure you can ask questions here in the thread.

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Clean up 👩🏻‍🎨 [Tanka Poem]

Towel on the floor,

Softness doesn’t take weight off,

Purple on the floor,

My Golden Arches are there,

Blue rays reflect many stars.
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Karmapa16 Stupa 👩🏻‍🎨

Memorable days with great Buddhist Masters reminiscing and sharing of their experiences and time shared with the 16th Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje. He was the Wish-fulfilling jewel. 💎

During the last sharing session by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche I created this expressionism-frame.

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Death has so much [Poem]

Hate is a poison, better to talk about dying.

Death is so wonderful, final and educational.

On this Earth we are all going to die. 

It is interesting to consider that when we meet everyone, 

the knowledge that each person you speak with will one unknown day die. 

Death has so much 

to teach people that some of us like to do it many 

times just so we can enjoy our transition to another bardo.

Living is not dying. 

Contemplation on death and dying will enrich your life.

Make you appreciate the things about life that death does not have, like having a body, and physical capacities.

Death is a glorious celebration of a well lived life.

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Who is merit? [Poem]

many people in this world,
wonder who they need to be,
only merit knows the answer,
she is very good at being that.
merit is hidden in all the good deeds 
merit accumulates no matter what you think
merit doens’t have an opinion
it is like a heart calculator 
beep beep beep
if you are good you score
if you are bad, you go in the holedo your job meticulosly and practice loving kindness, merit counts without ideas, she counts and makes no mistkes. you think merit is silly? ask her what she thinks of that.


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Upon Arrival [Poem]

Feminine heart: flourishes in radiance
supporting the shakti
the myriad of her flavours
colours and moods and styles.

Summit of beauty; love is born
when in love we initiate
a meeting in kindness
to mold into a kind heart

Past is gone, fleeting time
we make a choice with all
to bring us insight and wisdom
or to pass us by

The sincerity of kindness
we give and transmit
emits the positive energy
of our realized nature of mind

Only kindness remains after us,
only kindness is what each longing is about
love and wisdom when united
and allow the sharing of grace with others

Rev. Dr. Sonam Wangmo

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Early Morning [Poem]

In the early morning, smoke of tobacco
lifts the body out of slumber
while the winds shut the windows, and slam the doors
the people who move through the ambience
clear the knowing of suffering with their desire for resting and peace

the upstairs terrace’s doors are closed
the view of the city is silence
no light in the window of our neighbours,
the early 5am morning on the Island.

hot tea, black coffee, and truffle chocolate
the Art unfolds out of you and I
stepping forward into the new day
trusting the heat of the sun that will rise

The options within the infinite universe are available
the wisdom of feminine guides softly
unfolding the current reality
the beauty, the flower, the grace and the miracles
available to us in every moment

Divulgence brings me to the understanding
of the gift of the lotus, born out of the mud
clear in its wisdom that is pervading the space.
Offering long moments of integration for soothing the harsh past

Are unfolding petals aware that they are a part of a beautiful flower?
each one holding its brilliant place and juicy thickness
supporting the base and the crown of the bloom.
Applauding nature and its infinite secrets

The natural environment offers its magic
Plants celebrate each moment cognizant of the passing time
integrated into the matrix of their plant life.
Moments creativity bring in the new dawn.

This art moves into the sphere of tranquility
that uplifts and shares the perspectives of oneness
geometrically aligned and connected with the inner source
embracing the parts of the psyche that want to be discovered.

Hot tea, black coffee, and truffle chocolate
the Art unfolds out of you and I
stepping forward into the new day
trusting the heat of the sun that will rise


Dr. Wangmo

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Where water & sky dissolve [Poem]

Sky dressed in grey clouds, the setting sun returning the pink glow reflexion of the rays of light still shining through the darkness of the sky. Weaving luminous wisdom in sacred symbols.

Volcanic rocks from the old molten lava washed brightly into the darkness by the soft blue pristine waters of the ocean. Water so clear and water so blue polishes the blackness of the island’s stone.

The air is clear, the wind so quick she is moving the clouds and stirring the waters shifting the sounds of falling leafs;

Moment rare for me, my eyes embrace the vastness of the ocean surrounding this part of Earth. Comparing the subtle vast sky with the vastness of ocean.

Horizon of blue water moving with the wind and setting sun into what appears to my eyes as an infinity dissolving all lines.

Aware of breath and aware of my own smallness inside grand power of Mother Nature. Being human touching tender parts of my heart. With the ones that of vast sky and profound power of the oceanic waves.

Taking each step forward carefully trusting the wisdom of the sages I long to feel your hand in mine.

Dr. Wangmo

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Teacher’s Samsara [Poem]

In the endless possibilities
that can emerge from the universe
are the places where we all can get stuck within
the limit of lack of understanding of our mind,
the boundary is not the essence

The stuckness fades away by itself again

when we are able to realize that it is there
Into the vastness of luminous emptiness.

The awareness that we cultivate on the cushion
moves us into the practice of living
in the moments of direct experience and some pressure
we create more opportunities for Rikpa

…for us to enter and be present with the natural mind
and to cultivate the peace that is found, obviously there.

The teachers role than again and again
is to find unlimited ways
to point the student in the same direction
and have them realize that for themselves.

The unique strategy of karmic connections
and the perfect trust in the intuitive knowing,
the comfort that comes from trusting the Master
and the natural faith that needs no defence
are the essence of Guru Yoga.

While the repetition can be mundane
the knowing is that it unfolds like this

you go out into the world refreshed
and often times you forget quickly who you are,
you return then back, to the teacher you see
and yet again the samsara reminds us both
that I need to teach you many things
and that you need to practice my friend everyday.

The practice lessens the grip of condition
and of the mental obscurations
so that you can grasp for a moment the natural mind.

Once you have rested in the depth of peace
you will quickly realize it is the best place
and reach there yourself as many times as you can,
while life can really still go on its way.

The further you go to clearly bring samsara to its knees
the more you will see it around you and in what you do
the fear of it will not frighten you at all
you will understand your ultimate goal.

Things are unfinished you see, until we are all
on the same level and comfortable
with living in harmonious peace,
until then and even after the perfect hierarchy
of the enlightened masters
and Holy women will point the way.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo

Tilopa, founder of Kagyu

Image from unsplash

Dzogchen Feelings & Emotions Mahamudra Meditation

Understanding emotions

Disturbing emotions.

They happen to us all. Practice of meditation allows us to really understand the nature of our mind and to rest in emptiness. The more time and sincere effort we place on our practice more we get to experience the natural fruits of emptiness.

Every once in a while we face a disturbing event in life, may be we hear something on the news, or we read something in the paper. We discover that the natural compassion we have moves us towards helping those who are in need. When we are unable to help someone we experience suffering, and as a result of that difficult emotions.

There may be other occasions when we experience negative emotions, and it is good to know how to handle the challenges of emotional attachment.

Whether female or male it is important to understand our essential True nature as emptiness. Once we understand that, we can then appropriately direct our energy when dealing with disturbing emotions and suffering present.

Feelings are part of our life, being human means feeling many things throughout a day. A deep capacity to feel and be in touch with life, allows us to cultivate sensitivity to life’s issues and approach them with greater care and compassion.

Feelings are meant to be experienced and we need to learn to channel the energy of our emotions appropriately. A feeling of Love and Joy that we have in our hearts towards our family needs to be expressed and shared. It is a shared fuel that allows us to continue to grow and work together.

Disturbing emotions serve as tools to point us in the right direction.

We can see that throughout history emotions have also been used to manipulate and distort people. Inappropriate use of shame and guilt in certain cultures makes people feel timid and disempowered. When these feelings arise out of natural mind they point the practitioner to what needs to be corrected in a simple and graceful way.

We have to remember that it is our attachment and aversion to feelings and emotions that creates these problems and disturbances.

For example when we see injustice in the world, like abuse and violence done on women, instead of fighting back we can use this fire of crossed boundaries into bridging gaps that are lacking in education, and creating appropriate places to help women. We can teach women educated means to defend themselves without the use of violence, we can educate and show people ways and practical tools to relate most of all appropriately with their own body and with the bodies of other people.

We need to understand that due to karmic causes some people naturally are more inclined towards peace and others struggle with this. Compassion and Buddha Nature is an inborn quality of every human being.

When dealing with disturbing emotions we need to learn to understand that the emotional reaction and behaviour of people has to do with their capacity to rest in emptiness, and understand their own mental patterns.

Compassion is what arrises out of natural mind/emptiness. It leads to right action and naturally dissolves conflicts.

Rev. Dr. Sonam Wangmo

Dzogchen Family & Community Mahamudra Mahayana

How do you know you had enough practice?

Buddhism is very vast. There are many ways in which we can approach the topic of practice, and Buddhist study. I have been practicing Buddhism for only a decade, and knew that it was my path since I was a small girl.

Practices vary in intensity, duration and focus. Each practice is unique for the student and their level. Individually each person will find directly if they had too much practice, connecting with your teacher will help you to fine tune that which is causing the strain on your practice.