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✡️ Chag sameach ✡️ 👩🏻‍🎨 [Poem]

🕎 Happy Hanukkah

Sun set down and night is here,
In the Adonai year of 5782
Sweets and twinkling lights
Greet grateful homes of Jews.
Food in colours of bright lights
Israel’s white and blue
Giving thanks for our ethnicity,
Freedom, joy, peace and prosperity.
May the light bless us always. 🕎🕊

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✨✨✨✨ So it is over, finally! [Free verse Poem]✨✨✨✨

What was taking us all so very very long

Has come to an end this Thursday, May 20.

Many lives of agonizing pain,

With great planning from my teachers,

Brought an end to the envious woman, 

Who wrecked horror on my people.

Finally it is over. 

This person needs a lot of discipline to change,

And it will be lives of work for them.

It took a great deal of work for us all,

To establish me above this person, 

Now I can be myself.

And make my decisions about my life,

Thank God and Goddess, 

My eternal friends,

And all good things, 

On this earth and heaven.

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Dark mistakes [Poem]

And when you stop for a moment and see

The mistakes you made and your incapacity to deal with the dark shades of your psyche,

When you see you have no answers for the problems that eat you up

Day and night

That you put away and tried to deny them as not important

When you see that.

And the grim perspectives you weave for others, in defence of love and community, in secrecy because you were not open enough in your heart and mind to express your true intent.

When every intellectual book you ever read brings you no satisfaction,

Imposes of your mortality and moments of withheld love and caring

When you won’t be able to do any more but to fall down on your knees and pray,

For the grace and love of Buddha’s to surround you,

So your mind one pointedly can go in the direction of enlightenment.

When you see that hard work lies ahead of you and within the work out of resentment hope will glimmer that for those little details of life where you know you were terribly bad and hid away in various ways you will see that you are able to be a student in the Buddha Dharma

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Death has so much [Poem]

Hate is a poison, better to talk about dying.

Death is so wonderful, final and educational.

On this Earth we are all going to die. 

It is interesting to consider that when we meet everyone, 

the knowledge that each person you speak with will one unknown day die. 

Death has so much 

to teach people that some of us like to do it many 

times just so we can enjoy our transition to another bardo.

Living is not dying. 

Contemplation on death and dying will enrich your life.

Make you appreciate the things about life that death does not have, like having a body, and physical capacities.

Death is a glorious celebration of a well lived life.

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Eccentric Magician [Tanka Poem]

ahead of the times
dancing to my avant-garde
magic is high here 
people see it and some don’t
magical moments collide.

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Scary Dwarf [Poem]

creepy, creepy, scary, scary here comes flying little faery. small ‘jacketa’ without a number, no logo and it isn’t so heavenly, but it is on a little dwarf. little demonic dwarf girl going, down the hallway to her big room, no broom. A bang and noise from the darkness and she disappear into another universe.

She is looking at you.

Photo from unsplash

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a puppet [Poem]

If you ever feel that your life is on a string, with something/someone pulling it. Be alert, find out just what is trying to pull you and in what direction, and for what reason, other than love you will become a puppet.

A puppet on a string, swaying left to right, up and down and banged up all over the place, drifting without answers, unable to examine your experience, untrusting, unable to do anything you want, wondering what wild ride you are on. without a loving master without associations without a break in pain and alone in and out of a box, without your own power In the interdependent and interconnected, karmic existance there are no puppets, only people human lives, hearts, journeys, experinces weaving the galactic tapestry together getting rid off the ugly dark snags it is good as a woman to weave with other women who care in the heart.
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Who is merit? [Poem]

many people in this world,
wonder who they need to be,
only merit knows the answer,
she is very good at being that.
merit is hidden in all the good deeds 
merit accumulates no matter what you think
merit doens’t have an opinion
it is like a heart calculator 
beep beep beep
if you are good you score
if you are bad, you go in the holedo your job meticulosly and practice loving kindness, merit counts without ideas, she counts and makes no mistkes. you think merit is silly? ask her what she thinks of that.