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I am a martyr, a brief note.

I don’t have any other choice in this, as I am surfacing into less suffering, I don’t have much to say to those who decided to give me these big titles. I think they are nice, I don’t know what my duties will be.

I am selected to be a Sacha Master

I am selected to be a Green Tara

I am going to be proclaimed as someone great in the world of women. I work with darkness and handle a lot of confusion. I help people get clarity in suffering. I am learning more and more how love keeps us all going. Chameli & Arjuna Ardagh are very good people. ✨💖


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Apples 🍎 in religion [Free verse poem]

Angels maybe eat fruits,
Oranges 🍊 cherries 🍒 kiwis 🥝 and cherries 🍒
Varieties of fruits and they know it to be all good 😌
Tasty and sweet healing and divine
All fruits like apples 🍎 will keep the doctor away.
Meet us at the market picking our fruits
Hanging out together singing pretty songs.
Togetherness and values are roots and stems of our religions.
And Ángels sing too.

This is a small free-verse-poem to oneness in all religions and spirituality and amongst all people on earth.

Thanks to British Library @britishlibrary for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁 The Virgin Mary receiving the Annunciation. A book with gold clasps lies open on her lap. Circa 1500.

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Durga [Tanka Poem]

Wow you tell stories
Scary stories about love
Madness is in this
Women cannot be this way
Man cannot be this way too