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Amongst The screams Of fighting [Poem]

Rudeness and pain aggression and suffering 

In the chaotic lack of coherent conversation 

Out of the doom and vile problems being pacified 

Emerged a thought to read a holy book 

certainty was sounded,

a drunk woman’s voice spoke

we must turn to our Holy book

For its wisdom,

Holy books are filled with good words 

to help alleviate pain and guide out of suffering hurt people

into wisdom of the heart. 

A song of God was sung and prayers spoken 

And we all still have to do the work 

to make each other and God happy.

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Who is merit? [Poem]

many people in this world,
wonder who they need to be,
only merit knows the answer,
she is very good at being that.
merit is hidden in all the good deeds 
merit accumulates no matter what you think
merit doens’t have an opinion
it is like a heart calculator 
beep beep beep
if you are good you score
if you are bad, you go in the holedo your job meticulosly and practice loving kindness, merit counts without ideas, she counts and makes no mistkes. you think merit is silly? ask her what she thinks of that.