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I found you [Poem]

I don’t want you to suffer 
I found you on the way to this small place to pray
A place hidden from the loud big noise of the world
A little shelter
a safe place for prayer
It is so confusing and so unclear
This small path outlines the direction to pray
I believe in time what I found will show me the way.
Thank you for knowing the way for this small place to pray.
Once we pray and heal and all else awakes this small path remains to warn us of the past.
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The flavour of the world today [Poem]

Tainted love kindenss in samsara;
Bonding truth over insults;
That is really how the world is today.
Kindess mattters to those who care,
In this flavour some peas rise to the top of the soup, 
and some sink. 
We use kindness to grasp at love;
I pray we don't rip love out of eachother, 
Starving for wisdom makes people wild. 
Existing is relevant to connections we have. 
People are reasons if we are allowed to make them.