Rev. Dr. Sonam Wangmo writes from years of experience in Tibetan Buddhism. She loves Tibetan Buddhism and her personal relationship with the Dharma is felt in her writing. Living and Dharma are inseparable. Rev. Dr. Sonam Wangmo has a profound relationship with death. Life in the body is still confusing. She is an extremely kind woman. Here you will see articles in prose as well as poetry. Her writing is simple and she doesn’t know how she got an A in university English.

Status Update [Zürich]

In Zurich, unraveling my Ph.D work on Feminine Spirituality, many years of hard work, what better place than in Zürich, the international capital of GOOD MONEY 🙂 I met some wonderful women that I call now – Realized Beings. Photos are precious and so I won’t be sharing them for a while. I love you all […]


Canary heat [Poem]

Too soon, not soon enough too far, and not close enough too near and over crossed too true and very well deeply tragic the places I have traveled near and within the universes were crossed over the spaces I live the waters that break on the waves on the hills and the Earth that carries […]