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A reflection of life ♐️ 🌒 [Sonnet Poem] 💚🌴

All people matter and are connected,
Innately care about humanity,
On this green earth no one is rejected,
Many are healing from insanity.

I have pain in my heart from my carer,
Killing and death bring on an inner pain,
Unwilling I had fear to discover,
Growing in love and force for my heart's reign.

Cosmic wisdom is written in the birth,
The prayer descended Goddess on me,
Green Tara has love for all on this Earth,
Goddess Tara is present inside me.

Jewish year set in a positive prime.
Illuminated mind works all the time.
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🇺🇸 Independence Day 🇺🇸 [Sonnet Poem]

United people with a common goal,
Live happy serving their land and people.
Some places greet you with warm español,
Coast to coast in hight flies the bald eagle.

These are fifty beautiful and free states,
Diverse and blessed in happiness on Earth,
In good loving though everyone relates.
Opening up to a happy new birth.

Cultural diversity is present,
Freedom from civil disturbance always,
New creative talents are apparent,
For benefit of our planet all ways.

Work remain independent with others,
Careing with love and supporting mothers.
Cosmic Ethnic Lore Family & Community Poetry World Matters

🇨🇦 HAPPY CANADA DAY 🇨🇦 [Tanka Poem]

A Mari Usque Ad Mare

Heart of this land lives,
Manitoba shines brightly,
Between two great seas, 🌊
Cape Spear to Boundary Peak,
People are interesting.

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🇨🇦 HAPPY CANADA DAY 🇨🇦 [Tanka Poem]

Coast to coast vast land,
Second largest in the world,
Let’s remember them;
The native men and women,
Who lived here before we did.

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Juicy bubbles [Tanka Poem]

None was lost today,
Pink juicy bubbles were found,
Hanging on the chair,
Floating in the humid air,
Iridescent bubble light.

🎼 Pink Church ⛪️ in Guanajuato, Mexico 🇲🇽 for my Mexican people.

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Healing salad 🥗 [Tanka Poem]

We are all cut up,
Chewed up and spat out in life,
This is very true
For many of you are grief,
Healing together in love.

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A green hunt [Tanka Poem]

I like green pickles,
I left my nest to hunt this,
I love you with me,
Oh, where are you my pickle
I just want to hold you tight.

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Devilish sisters [Tanka Poem]

Your titties are good,
You are better with them near,
They play so well girl,
Don’t hesitate to share them,
You’re going to be with me.
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Raunchy crew [Tanka Poem]

We are all in it,
Learning to love each other,
Chemistry bonds us,
Our happiness is mad,
Happiness is very real.
Cosmic Culture & Art Industry Life & Death Poetry World Matters

Watch it fall [Tanka Poem]

Dirty beer bottles,
Swaying on the edge of now,
Watching them caught in,
A falling of loud crushing,
Gravity works here on earth.

Cosmic Culture & Art Ethnic Lore Feelings & Emotions Life & Death Poetry Social Issues World Matters

Cruel kindness [Tanka Poem]

Take your hit somewhere,
Vulgarity lives in you,
The stench of night here,
Murderous thoughts are with you,
Sun sets on the bloody night.

Cosmic Culture & Art Environment Life & Death Poetry Religious Studies World Matters

This waste [Haiku Poem]

Use this place fully,
Maybe what is next in line,
Peacefully dead now.
Cosmic Dzogchen Feelings & Emotions Life & Death Poetry Religious Studies World Matters

Yellow [Haiku Poem]

Life is filled with pain,
Maybe you don’t know me well,
Everything is now.
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Hell is a real place [Tanka Poem]

This is bona fide, 
Narakas has cackas, yes!
Hell will burn desire,
Bones shatter and screams happen,
Cry if you want to be me.
Cosmic Environment Ethnic Lore Life & Death Poetry World Matters

Mad cow disease 🦠 [Haiku Poem]

This is a problem,
We don’t want to live this way,
May all people know.
Cosmic Dzogchen Ethnic Lore Life & Death Poetry World Matters

A star of Aries [Haiku Poem]

From death emerges,
A line of no hate
Do not resist now.

Purify all your thinking
Do not resist now.

All beings will know
Bring in new cosmic power
Do not resist now.

These are three haikus about conquering hatred.

Compassion Cosmic Ethnic Lore Grief Life & Death Poetry Social Issues World Matters

Stand against hate [Free Verse Poem]

People are people, 
Our thinking affects, 
Our feelings move,
Our behaviour responds. 
Major religions believe, 
In oneness and respect, 
Decent treatment, 
All people do matter, 
Their socioeconomic, 
Ethnical, cultural 
Or religious backgrounds,
Each has a story,
There are reasons.
Standing against hate.
We resist too much, 
and not enough.
Living prepared and in tune 
With time,
With aligned inner values. 

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Mass delivery of letters [Free verse a Poem]

I am praying people!
I guess I am a bit bland as an expert.
My delivery is slightly off.
In the stories of the world, there are words
Written in prose and rhyme. These are always
A way to communicate chief something of value.
In these words, the letters align and words come out
In a word and sentence words mean much
And are enlightening and this is why people like to write it.
Isn't it about the value of a story
It is about the use of the word sum.
Some people are funny, some people are
Scary, some people are happy, and some
In sum, people don't know the difference.
Words bear significance and not a crow.
They melt satanic prose and fly with an angelic note.
Guessing in words is drafting the future
Uncertainty is the queen of a sizeable horror story.
Women can choose to live a life that feels
Like they are Goddesses.
I think sometimes I feel this way
Other days I feel like a fat-ma.
There is a big variety in between, make your choices!
This is on sale for a while.
When you are literate in a few languages
Gallinas and hens can mean the same thing.
A mantra of Tibetan Hos aren't prostitutes
Standing on a corner asking for a slow blow
Or a call for Santa Claus.
Lousily a letter like an 'e' in a word like lineage
Means you will end up with a deteriorated line
Looking at several printed lines used to calculate a payment.
This can be funny. Pepper with food is very good.
Nasty is useful for men to be, not all the time of course
And so can we be too. Don't be lousy with your letters.
Maybe K was ill and it became a kill.
'Dis' is a great short word to add
In front of everything to make it sick.
If you are a Hindu you are into adding the letter 'A'
At the end and the beginning
To make things according to your wishes.
A is the letter for Aries and its stars.
For those who believe in the universal mind,
Some words hold an attachment of
Universal thinking and as a result,
We have these thinkings going on about words.
We would all leave this planet
If it was all so straightforward we thank you
Universal thinkers for thinking peacefully karma
In the mind that exists.
With words, colossal things can happen.
Colossal things are happening with words.

These verses are all between 6 and 16 syllables.

Did you hear the birds chirping today?

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Apples 🍎 in religion [Free verse poem]

Angels maybe eat fruits,
Oranges 🍊 cherries 🍒 kiwis 🥝 and cherries 🍒
Varieties of fruits and they know it to be all good 😌
Tasty and sweet healing and divine
All fruits like apples 🍎 will keep the doctor away.
Meet us at the market picking our fruits
Hanging out together singing pretty songs.
Togetherness and values are roots and stems of our religions.
And Ángels sing too.

This is a small free-verse-poem to oneness in all religions and spirituality and amongst all people on earth.

Thanks to British Library @britishlibrary for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁 The Virgin Mary receiving the Annunciation. A book with gold clasps lies open on her lap. Circa 1500.