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I break down to tears over year 2007, Ayahuasca and Machig Labdrön 🎥

Eventually everyone will be tasting Oneness

Like Mother Earth that gives and gives, Machig Labdrön gives and gives to feed ego clinging and end duality.

I break down crying over all that 2007 was for good women and all that Pachamama gives us. I am tired too.

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My brief film review; The Exorcist 🎥

Halloween 🎃 is coming and I have some more scary films to watch. Yey Green Tara 🥦 the fear giver.

The Exorcist review, it’s quick and cuts off 😉
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🎙Gratitude 🥦 Thank you for your readership 🎥

Discipline & Merit = Happy Results
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How do we use power [Poem]

In interdependent connection of life,
Balance and kindness are making their fame,
Connected with women in harmonious circle
Practicing good and free choice benefiting us all,
Without discriminating happiness and causes of happiness that are dignified and honest,
Power emerges in a good positive manner, inspiring people to balance and kindness, our women circle grows stronger in honesty and happiness and integrity.
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Blinded by hate [Poem]

We as women do not want to be seen unloving. 
We care about the experience of our sister.
We need to be careful how we give our love.
We are not going to be giving into fear of power,
walking in the darkness of who we are.
We do not want for women to feel powerless.
We cannot be everyone to someone.
I am a woman and cannot be a man for you,
Your hatred in unnecessary and unjustified
You are not seeing me as who I am, a woman.
This pain takes years and even lives to heal,
We as women cannot live in the hatred and shadows,
It doesn’t create a positive vibe or community.
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On shame [Poem] 🎥

My father is a good man who empowered my feminine and a search for healing. Healing Maya Shakti takes care, sensitivity, time, reflection. 

As the moons wax and wane the women of wholeness share their biological cycles and sit in circles, and the women who are hurt and hurting are joined in these circles in hope of love reconciliation and an end to pain.
It makes a difference if blame or shame emerge first or when they emerge. The shame can be so icky and stuck in our bodies; could you hold it for a moment and give it a new direction? This becomes a responsibility in my opinion, is why we share with sisters our words about it, and love makes changes possible. Then blame honestly is a word defining rejection of reality, as no matter how much you yell at the sky, it doesn’t answer, it is still blue with clouds rolling by. I blame you for your beauty and your heart.
Like that we are walking around posting our signs.
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Buddhists don’t kill [Poem] 🎥

How can we escape the samsara of wrong screwing? 
Sexual mocking of a blooming flower.
Someone must hate sex so much they are hating their own child.
I took it all upon myself and my little heart.
To breathe and to survive.
Did I look like a little boy when I was little?
Were your parents happy with your birth?
Or did I like my father a lot more?
I didn’t want to sit in the darkest of depressions.
Still we are fighting and longing for peace over hatred and badness.
May our flowers bloom.
My husband knows I am a woman, he doesn’t deny reality.

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🕉 Women Books Series 🕉 Body 🕉

Wild wombs still today,
The cooling calmness becomes,
Return to the peace.
Their voices speak from within,
Giving up on their fighting.

In the midst of the ESCAPELBGQ 6 week series, I decided to do a series on the Wild Woman’s Way book by Michaela Boehm. I searched my digital library and decided to do something ‘new‘ to support the Shakti community and immerse myself in the reflected language we use to express feminine topics.

Women are precious and nurturing and creators of life. In the mysteries of the womb, women can heal and help and reconnect to sanity. In the shadow of the womb (and that is exactly where the ESCAPELBGQ series resides) women’s stories become draconian nightmares of torture and hatred. Holding space for such horrible Maya Shakti makes me scream murder day and day and day after day. Doing the 6week series on rage (aka Anger) was easier than doing the series on ESCAPELBGQ, both are anger topics and the latter is more visibly about killing feminine and misogyny.

Holding space for transformation is a full-time job.

Hence I reach out to this beautiful Austrian sister’s book.

The Wild Woman’s Way Unlock your full potential for pleasure power and fulfilment.

The first words of this book address the topic that I am living for the last years and that my teachers and my husband support. BODY.

The body is a wise and necessary vehicle for a living. It lets us join in the activities of human beings. with its many channels and centres the body is living. As women, I feel in the womb we have a place of connection with other women, a place that needs to properly communicate with the head. Some women don’t spark in the mind. The womb is central to a woman’s life and her way of being in the world. In there are connections to the whole body and having good teachers I am grateful for what they do for me and how information is shared between women via this interconnected web of the feminine. I am not one with my body. I want to be one in my body. I have no option except to fight for my own body. I cannot use my body as a resource for others. I have wildness in myself and this witness needs to be cherished and loved and accepted and I believe all women who are good and have wildness need to find their own inner balance of sense of calm with a sense of wildness. Until I met some women I didn’t have wildness in me. A lot of us don’t want to be wild. Wildness is not an everyday thing. It is fine for a while but it cannot be a lifestyle as it burns out the bodies of women. Body Body Body Body Body. The mandala of a body.


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Ethics from my mind (long wait)

I haven’t done this series since 2016. Search archives.

In his book ethics for the new millennium, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet reminds me to see the world clearly. I read that book years ago and I consider it to be somewhat of a spiritual bible.

In a developed world’s society, it is harder and harder to find basic affection in people. Despite there being millions of people close in proximity, some we may even see more regularly in passing, people are focused on their individual self and their goals rather than on others.

My little Peruvian girl isn’t like that, she is very social and can chat up a storm with everyone. Today I don’t know what I am like.

I have a horrific statement to make and hence I reached out for my spiritual bible to seek comfort in the knowledge that there are a lot of spoiled rude nasty people in the west who have no grasp of reality but their medical cabinets are filled with drugs and their individual pursuits of money is the driving force they label as happiness.

In 2015 I learned of Shantimayi. I wanted to do whatever I can to be with her. I met her student who is a teacher in the Sacha lineage and I am impressed with who she is as a woman. I love her. I dreamed of spending a nice time in nice spiritual retreats with Shantimayi similar to the Yogini Ashram in Corfu. There is a community of affection and honesty, real conversations and support common to European culture, not the lonely north American go-getting vibe. Maybe I haven’t met a community here in Toronto.

Today I am looking at the world collapsed, in fear, surrounded by poverty and problems in a big city and at this time the teachings of Shantimayi came to my inbox, and now the first time ever I can attend her live talk online. I waited for six years to have a live experience with her. Please join in this live event. My life had to collapse and be a complete ruin for this teacher to reach out to me this way. I believe in the benefits of her group work.

💝 Aham Prema 💝

At least, I am debt-free.

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Getting a voice [Poem]

To all the abused women by women.

Believe that there is a place and time 
where you can write about it. 
Since we were silenced 
and unable to voice anything 
about the people who abuses us, 
searched far and high to find 
who would help us 
to rid ourselves of these evil women. 
We wasted time and energy 
with hatred and killing, 
we were innocent 
and became disposable and hurtful. 
We cannot believe 
still how many years it took 
to get to glimpse 
at freedom from suffering. 
The long dark road behind us 
is filled with too much suffering 
and still is waiting to get organized 
and put in perspective. 
The pain is real and unfathomable. 
The trust is non-existent.

There is a time when healing love 
will come into our lives and will lift 
our voices up and out of the painful 
sorrowful hidden place. 

Once the voice comes in 
the truth will be easier to speak 
and will be filled with hope 
for a new beginning. 
We will be able to voice reality 
with an authentic unexaggerated 
sound of truth. 
Today we need to think 
that someday is around near.
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Bodhisattva Vows 🎥

The slow and painful way to enlightenment. 😵‍💫

I do believe that most people have good basic human nature that can be cultivated and made to shine in their lives. If we don’t cultivate the good basic human nature we forget it. It gets covered up by concepts, mass media, philosophies, views that take it away from focussing on goodness and peace. Overtime we become dark, uncaring, shady, mean, changing our focus to lesser importances.

Venerable Mingyur Rinpoche explains:

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Chasing the carrot on a string [Poem] + 🎧

Speakable and unspeakable things of women. In the silence some beasts don’t want to hear expressions of their hatred on themselves. They decided the expression must be silent.

Are we ever going to get it? We no longer have a natural biofeedback loop, it was overstretched by chase of something that is essential and kept away by evil.

A*shakti focused on experiencing does not know if she wants to speak about atrocities yet, she has to experience them first, for now she likes to listen and read about those women who share their atrocities. Those aren’t her experiences. Can you imagine who she will be when she experiences them? Who saved her anyway?

Her Mother.

Your normality is destroying my peace. It shocks others. I wonder where is the common sense? Where did the others run off to? The mirrors are also covered up today.

🌷 Women’s Podcast with an interview with my beloved Chameli Teacher Ardagh. 🌷

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Po co zabić kozę w lesie.

W lesie nie ma żadnych progów,
Z tego powodu wszyscy noszą kozę w biodrze
O mój Boże,
Nie ma czekać
Drwal zapuścił sobie brodę
I zapomniał o tej kozie.

Przez: Karma Sönam Wangmo
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Fatalistka, nie ma listka 🍁?

Nie wiadomo?
Nie wiadomo.

I bez kubka jest zielona nie czerwona,
Fatalistka tylko siedzi,
Diabeł w głowie jej nie gada,
A tobie?
Fatalistka, myśle że mi to przeszkadza,
A kto tak mówi?
Wiadomo, mąż
Fatalistka i jej kubek taki pusty,
Do herbatki i do kawki,
A napewno do koleżanki.
W domu czeka.
Kubek czeka na nią w domu
A przez okno widać drzewo.
Fatalistka zmienia kolor, na niebieski
Na jej skroni chusta leży kolorowa,
Barwne listki odpadają jej z ramiona,
Drzewo cicho,
Fatalistka tam właśnie wsadziła listka.
Diabeł w głowie poszedł spać.

By Karma Sönam Wangmo

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October 🎉 Birthdays & Celebrations 🎫

This month marks many special occasions and meaningful memories and births. Canadian Thanksgiving, US Columbus Day, Indigenous people’s day, Peruvian Combate de Angamos, Hindu Karwa Chauth, Norway UK Canada USA – Halloween 🎃, 🍂🍁🍗🫐🐾 in addition many important unbirthdays. We are giving thanks this month.

I am including the FPMT October calendar.

🏡 May everyone have a home for the holidays 🏡
🇨🇦 It is very important that good women’s dreams come true. 🇨🇭
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We definitely made it [Poem] EN|PL|ES

We definitely made it through this disaster, because you have a voice to speak clearly what happened. Because you have wisdom. Because you know what is wrong and what is right. Because prayers work and because people care. You are the best Dad in the universe. Always and forever your opinions and views will have importance. I am glad you are always going to be my dad, Ryszard Szewczyk.

Zdecydowanie przeszliśmy przez tę katastrofę, ponieważ masz głos, który jasno mówi o tym, co się stało. Ponieważ masz mądrość. Ponieważ wiesz, co jest złe, a co dobre. Ponieważ modlitwy działają i ponieważ ludziom zależy. Jesteś najlepszym tatą we wszechświecie. Zawsze i na zawsze Twoje opinie i poglądy będą miały znaczenie. Cieszę się, że zawsze będziesz moim tatą Ryszardem Szewczykiem.

Definitivamente logramos superar este desastre, porque tienes una voz para decir claramente lo que sucedió. Porque tienes sabiduría. Porque sabes lo que está mal y lo que está bien. Porque las oraciones funcionan y porque la gente se preocupa. Eres el mejor papá del universo. Siempre y para siempre sus opiniones y puntos de vista tendrán importancia. Me alegro de que siempre seas mi padre, Ryszard Szewczyk.

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The pain of it all

This is a very big day for me. I see religious confirmation, right good people are good and bad people are hiding and avoiding responsibility. This habit in humanity must change fashion.

We all know how to not be stupid. Do we? We all know we don’t have to force ourselves to be something we aren’t. Don’t we? Now we all have to be gaining a new perspective, in this life not everyone is going to be a bird.

Shekinah Rogers is afraid of birds. Stop scaring her, she already has moustache.

Milarepa songs are coming next weekend so don’t forget to register, all sinners are welcome Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche knows how to be. Ha ha ha believe me I am in F E A R.

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Songs of Milarepa October 9~11, 2021

Online retreat: Learn more and register

Milarepa has a story. In the end he became a famous Tibetan saint. He wrote many poems, songs, ballads of his spiritual experiences. In the middle he had to repent, in the beginning he had a mother who was killed and his rage carried him away to live an evil life. I am not Milarepa and the teachings are important. I relate to the writing ✍️ as an expressive form of art.

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An inaugural national day of truth and reconciliation.

September 30, 2021 marks very first national day of truth and reconciliation with the native people of Canada. People can jointly take action to heal and build a better future together.

Please read city of Toronto resource page

CBC news tonight at 6 pm will have a 6 hour presentation, an inaugural event.

Hate and threatening aren’t solutions to our problems with education and wisdom we learn who needs what discipline what therapies and what care. All this done in love helps to move us forward.

National Center for Truth and Reconciliation

Every child matters. CBC photo of a program.
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What side do we sleep on?

Women sleep on their left side. Men sleep on their right side. I know for sure from my experience that if you sleep on the wrong side then you will have very bad insights, strategies won’t work, you will be in the maya world, suffering. Of course there is an option for us all to rest and sleep on our backs.

Nice to see you have a good sleep.