Yogini Wangmo

Rev. Dr. Aleksandra (Alè) Sonam Wangmo RYT Author. Yogini. Art, culture & language of women.

Status Update [Zürich]

In Zurich, unraveling my Ph.D work on Feminine Spirituality, many years of hard work, what better place than in Zürich, the international capital of GOOD MONEY 🙂 I met some wonderful women that I call now – Realized Beings. Photos are precious and so I won’t be sharing them for a while. I love you all […]


Canary heat [Poem]

Too soon, not soon enough too far, and not close enough too near and over crossed too true and very well deeply tragic the places I have traveled near and within the universes were crossed over the spaces I live the waters that break on the waves on the hills and the Earth that carries […]