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Sonam Wangmo RYT, Ph.D.

Philanthropist. Author. Poet. Vedic Counselor. Artist. Musician. Shaman. Yogini. Teacher.

I welcome you into an exploration of art, culture & language of women.

Early Life and Education

Sonam was born into a Polish family in 1979 in Warsaw as Aleksandra Maria Szewczyk. She has a younger sister Katarzyna ‘Katalina’. Sonam’s mother is a doctor of economy, and her father is a master engineer and architect. Sonam has noble ancestry on her mother’s side. Her maternal great-grandfather was a member of AK during WWII and he was stationed in the UK for an extended time with his family, he received a War Order of Virtuti Militari for his bravery and leadership during WWII and in life. The second world war had an immense effect on Sonam’s maternal grandmother’s life. She spent a significant amount of time in India where she attended schools, before living for a short time in the UK.

First Grade 1985

Sonam had a challenging childhood growing up in communist Poland, with a lot of scarcity and poverty that her friends experienced, as well as family challenges and health difficulties. Sonam was sheltered by her grandmother and family. It was the decision of her great grandfather to return to Poland after the war instead of remaining in the UK. In Poland in addition to regular public school, she attended private English school for a while her parents prepared her to immigrate to Canada in 1992. Sonam spent extended time around Catholic monastic life receiving weekly teachings of religion and catechism in Warsaw.

In Canada, Sonam attended both the University of Calgary (Religion Studies) and the University of Mount Royal (Sciences). It was difficult for her to adjust to the new environment and non-European culture, yet today the international life made her capable of relating with ease with people of different cultural and religious backgrounds. Sonam graduated from Bow Valley College as a Practical Nurse specialized in mental health. She worked in neurology, trauma, cardiology, medicine, mental health, palliative care and gerontology. She maintains associate nursing registration as Aleksandra Szewczyk with the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta.

Due to her health challenges and difficult family dynamics, Sonam pursued the studies of alternative health and Yoga. She was introduced to Yoga in 1998 and completed her Hatha Yoga Training with Trinity Yoga International in 2006. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher and Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance. In 2006/2007 Dr. Wangmo completed Level 1 iRest -Yoga Nidra – Training. In 2011 Sonam completed her Ayurvedic Life-Style Counselor training under the tutelage of Dr. David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) and American Vedic Institute.

She is an ordained interfaith minister through a Theological ministry and holds a doctorate in Religious Studies from the same Theological Seminary.  Sonam’s dissertation ‘Wild Dakini’ is a paper about comparative studies in four of the world’s religions of feminine principles and their application in daily life.

Spiritual Life

Sonam’s spiritual development begun very early on, she was always fascinated with plant life and animal life, dance, music, arts, and beauty. She had many esoteric experiences as a child and very few people to share them with. Sonam grew up in a traditional family. Since her grandparents escaped the Holocaust, after the war her family turned to the Catholic church and catholic religion for the community, and her Jewish roots were kept hidden. Within the Catholic church, Sonam wasn’t able to find satisfactory answers around the topics of life, death, relationships, women’s roles, and spirituality. She felt there was a lack of empowered feminine.

Sonam’s spiritual and personal life has gone through several dramatic transitions, due to her deeply rooted desire to leave the church and embark on a shamanic and Buddhist path.

In 2002 Sonam got involved in Warrior Sage, who’s missions and vision are to help arise communities of peace, freedom, love, and enlightenment. She participated in Enlightenment Intensives (as developed by Charles Berner), had a direct experience and begun to staff and assist at these Warrior Sage events to help empower awakening in the modern world.

These initiatory and powerful meditative techniques and contemplations lead her deeper into Buddhism which allowed her to understand the nature of life.

Through a series of synchronistic events in 2007, Dr. Wangmo was lead to a Peruvian family who shared with her sacred medicines from the Andes and Amazon.

Healing Snake Medicine

In September of 2007, Sonam moved to Perú where she lived until autumn of 2015. During the first six years, she worked for the local Peruvians. She participated in hundreds of ceremonies, combining them with her regular practice of Yoga, Mantra, personal Buddhist studies, contemplations, and meditation. She lived in a semi-retreat during this time, maintaining contact only with those who shared her deep value for Buddhism.

The Buddhist Dharma and her shamanic practice are what makes Sonam very sought after feminine spiritual leader. Sonam understands the nature of mind and the workings of several plants as well as altered states of consciousness and some of the visionary world. She has a lot of compassion for the human condition. She spent extensive time in the Amazon completing necessary plant dietas, learning about Peruvian plant medicines, native traditional healing methods for various afflictions, finding out about native bush man’s way of life and learning about these tribes’ art and culture while writing and sharing about these experiences.

This, as well as her other skills, allow participants to feel safe, taken care of and able to ask questions that others have no knowledge about.   Over the years the practice of Dharma has clearly proven to be superior to anything else in sustaining Rikpa (realization) Sonam now recommends engaging in the plant ceremonies only under special circumstances.

In 2014 Sonam connected with a Chilean Elder Medicine Woman – meeting this woman allowed her to gain an understanding of previous teachings that she was looking to gain knowledge about. Sonam did an intensive one-year apprenticeship with her to deepen the wisdom of the feminine.

She published her first co-authored book in 2016. Her chapter discusses powerful transformative tools combined with the spiritual practice of Buddhism to overcome depression, body issues as well as healing from domestic violence.

Selva Amazonica, Perú

Today, Sonam is a teacher who still relies on the ancient ancestral ways of the Earth, plants, few Bön components, and Tibetan Buddhism. Sonam wishes for women to be realized as soon as possible into enlightenment to share in the joys of happiness without causes. 

In October of 2015, Sonam suffered from an unexpected accident. She had a near-death experience and a profound Tara Encounter. In the last moments before she heard her body hit the ground she practiced the Sublime Green Tara practice from the Luminous Secret Vajra Treasury. She was unconscious for nearly 30 min and she returned into her body as Tara. Today she is an enlightened woman, a living Tara, and a Shaman.

Within Buddhism, I have found answers and continue to find answers for any and all questions about life and death, love and heart. – Sonam Wangmo.

Buddhist Practice

Nalandabodhi, Vancouver

Practicing Buddhist since 2007 received over 120 transmissions and teachings from all four schools of Buddhism including:

  • Took vows at Nalandabodhi in Vancouver on October 30, 2012 – Lama Rabten gave her the name of Karma Sonam Wangmo.
  • Completed Chöd workshop at Tara Mandala 
  • Received the Song of the Vajra Transmission first time at Tara Mandala, numerous times after that from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche
  • Received 4 transmissions of The Sublime Green Tara from the Luminous Secret Vajra Treasury, Ösel Dorje Sang Dzö Ley
  • Received Ngöndro Transmission(s)
  • Received 2 transmissions  of Riwo Sang 
  • fullsizeoutput_c70Received Shitro transmissions
  • Received Dzogchen transmissions of Longsal Rushen – Preliminary practice, The Luminous Clarity of the Universe.
  • and many other transmissions

Sonam Wangmo continues her daily studies in Buddhism and regular practice. Explore with me art, culture & language of women.

Guru Dhēva Dakini


The logo: The design of the Temple’s Mandala was completed in 2016 by Dr. Wangmo,
inspired by the Queen’s Council Dialogs and seeped in the tantras, Buddhism, Goddesses, and Shri Yantra symbolism and Hindu traditional richness, the Temple’s mandala brings the colors of passion and regal priestly purple.

Designed out of 18 Triangles, wherein the traditional Tarot #18 is the image of the Moon, the royal road to feminine wisdom, the moon challenges the individual to once again enter the domain of the darkness, this time a very luminous darkness. We expect to understand the fullness of life with our eyes wide open.

A new moon teaches gradualness and deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself slowly. Patience with small details makes perfect a large work, like the universe. ~ Rumi

The darker tones are the darker extremes of the feminine psyche and the lighter notes are the dissolving and purified vibrancies arriving at their center of the balance. Held together by an artistic image similar to the Buddhist double dorje, the Temple’s mandala has gone on and off as the logo, deemed too intense by some today it is the appropriate symbol of the darkness & light of the feminine womb that embodies and carries everything within it. We are the moist heavenly womb.

Green Tara on the Lake

August 23, 2019

Yesterday, we decided to update the color of our logo to green over teal. It represents the current mood and is a reflection of Green Tare on the Lake, laced in gold.

We brought the two main triangles closer together showing a growing closeness between the Green Tara and Sonam.

Symbolism of water in Buddhism is of great significance.

Om Tāre Tu Tāre Ture Swāha