This is a website of Aleksandra Dahortsang PhD and her skillful and occasionally playful teachings. Feminine Brilliance Temple used to be Shakti Tara [dot] com.

Feminine Brilliance Temple welcomes you into an exploration of art, culture & language of women

Through the medium of Buddhism & shamanism Dr. Dahortsang guides women and men alike into the realization of arts, culture and language of women around the world.

Dr. Dahortsang’s Film Making site

textures, light, grains, shadows, expressions and developing various artistic views.

~ We are already realized ~

ཨོཾ ཨཱཿ་ ཧཱུྃ་ བཛྲ་ གུ་རུ་ པདྨ་ སིདྡྷི་ ཧཱུྃ༔

May All Sentient Beings Benefit
བྱམས་པ    བཏང་སྙོམས་    སྙིང་རྗེ་    དགའ་བ་

ཨཿ ཀཿ སཿ མཿ རཿ ཙཿ ཤཿ དཿ རཿ སཿ མཿ རཿ ཡཿ ཕཏཿ


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Tara Shakti Foundation (book by Tara Shakti) is a non for profit organization helping women in need around the world with small scholarships and education funding.

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