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What Remembrance Day means to me 👩🏻‍🎨

This day is a groundless day, it really shows what we need to be looking at year after year are the changes that have to be made, people don’t know how to deal with groundlessness, Buddhism knows how to deal with groundlessness. The sense of groundlessness cannot stop and ground cannot start on killing, death or a fight. Canada claims to be 150 years old, Canada is a country created on murder of innocent people the land is here from before the dinosaurs and it’s important to really reflect about who we are as people today who chose to live her, and who we are as children of these people who came to live her, and perhaps didn’t have a choice to leave Canada. What it is that we are remembering today? Stories..

🌷 In all honesty I am finally semi-satisfied to see a Native woman Mary May Simon in a position of power and to have this native woman as an appointed person to represent what Canada is today and unfortunately it is a country that is still under the governance of the queen, the monarch of Kingdom of Britain 🌷

I want to see Mary May Simon highly respected. Respect means giving her power to help the native people the way THEY WANT TO BE HELPED. I don’t like that people would want to use the natives to try to save themselves on the natives or to make themselves a new image on the natives. Let the Native people make their own decisions.

I am unhappy about many things that are going on in Canada and I think it’s an important holiday today, Rememberance Day to see and be able to pay tribute to a NATIVE woman, a woman who is a native who is offering us a reflection with her person, her body, what people who are not perhaps directly related to us did to this land and with that we notice this significantly overdue gesture of pain and I only expect that if this position of Governor General is to continue every new person will be a native woman.

However I’d like to see a new and different Canada without British monarch over us, maybe we should have our own monarch. I don’t know who. Who do you think is THE BEST FAMILY IN CANADA?


I believe it is essential we remember people who died and lost their lives in saving what matters to us all. Life is precious. We remember that until we leave dualism we will continue to learn how to live in peace, and we should not be forced into fear and dying for what is important to us all. There has to be reflection on living peacefully and better life. We have to think on how to live without violence.
My great grandfather is a recipient of order of VIRTUTI MILITARI for helping saving Poland during WWII. My other grandparents also escaped concentration camps and stood for peace and preservation of culture. I also believe that it is important that our Governor General gets honoured first Native woman who knows of sacrifices that native people made for Canada.

By Maria Aleksa Szewczyk

Maria Aleksa Sonam Wangmo (she/Goddess) 🖋 my family name is Szewczyk. 🌴🦦🌴
I am weird. I believe in nature & nurture. I am an Ayurvedic Life-Style Counselor. I have a husband Loten Dahortsang. I have a daughter Kata.
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I have a mandala.
I have Big Love in my life. I have children.
Chocolate is my friend. We are teachers. Chocolate has much to teach.
We love to help people. 🧉

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I am an Author. ☮️ to people.
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