Looking for a settlement [Sestina Poem]

In the woodland valley live concerned women;
Forthright in relating a valued native.
Through this, I only see a motley window,
Growing a freestanding delicate flower.
People gathering in a green Kanata;
Woven baskets of harvested medicine.

Carried a windfall of select medicine,
Many originated from chief women.
In the distance a familial Kanata;
Guarding our children a watchful native;
Private soil gives an aromatic flower;
Rising sun’s rays in our breezy window.

I do not see change in a garden window;
Storing supply of seasonal medicine.
Wild leafy forests bearing creeping flower.
At the river bank are sagacious women.
After a counsel an ensuing native,
Consensus crafted for a trade Kanata.

Ours is a captivating Kanata.
Extended families are in the window,
Thoughts of a bloodline an important native,
Keeping at hand accessible medicine.
Working together many tribal women;
Near a lake blossoms a colourful flower.

On a river bank is a weedy flower.
Blossoms invite a delightful Kanata.
Surrounded by our sensitive women;
I set up ideas in a framed window.
Looking to draw on some soothing medicine.
Learning the ways of a respectful native.

Moons, and waters seen by cognizant native.
In the mighty land a wild prairie flower,
Moist soil nourishing a herbal medicine.
Constructing a home in a mild Kanata;
Noticing the setting sun in a window,
Get along good-hearted ingenue women.

Prepared medicine by an artful native;
Attentive women, sad a poppy flower;
A clear window in a secure Kanata.

Image of bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) on Pixabay by NatashaG