Face of a masked singer [Poem]

Cheering loud, clapping hands, dancing audience in a guessing game.

This is a show where the face means all.

We don’t believe and we speculate, misreading clues and fooling ourselves.

Masked Singers showing off their stuff to oldies we love.

Dressed in sparkles, glitter, feathers and fascinating outfits, we stare in awe and wonder who you are, and do we love your costume?

A clean creative fun way to entertain.

Arts, animals, monsters, robots, to get to your face behind the mask we have to rely on body, height, shape, moves, and the singing voice.

Deceptive and clever always surprising that face behind the mask is so important to the audience behind him.

The masked singer

Facing the audience with your new fun face, and different expression than usual, in a musical family fun.

So comical.

Who do you think I am?

Image from unsplash