The outrageous disrespect of my family

my father isn’t dead, nad neither is my friend Diego. This is a very big problem, that a polish family are treating my family with hatred since we met in early 90’s.Thier oldest daughter Jagoda Walny is a hateful woman, who is using me and has built her life on me while dragging me and women in my family down. Jagoda and I never spent time together. She decided to hat me from the start. I had my sense about this family and I wasn’t too thrilled that they wanted to relate with us, and unfortunately they showed their ugliness full on. Jagoda and I never had a conversation about anything and that is mostly due to her mother Nina. Nina saw fit that her youngest daughter relates with Katalina (who we all see as my daughter) Why do we see the second child that my mother gave birth to as my daughter? Because Nina Walny hated her so much that she forced my mother to leave her and I refused to and fought for her all my life.  Walny family is not a family of leadership. They do not support feminine or religious values. They make appearance of superficial help while they push people to give them love and help and they do not give back.  They cannot expect to be involved in my life closely, as they have tried to make themselves into something on my very personal and very spiritual process of Green Tara.  in 61 months these people mostly have hated me, and before as well, wasting my energy, spending my money, and desiring for me to be as low as possible. They do not follow or express interest or support towards Tibetan Buddhism. They continue to show they do not care at all and that my life and where it leads me doesn’t matter to them at all. They have treated me as no one, insulted my friends, Ayahuasca, coaching, yoga, religion and all that I do. Their hatred and way of treating me as a young woman led to huge problems for me with my family and has led me to leave Canada and go to Peru to developing country to study and work with entheogenic plants. All because of hatred. pure simple hatred. Their hatred led me to depravation and starvation and separation and other issues, all which I turned into becoming a practitioner of Mahyana and a Bodhisattva Green Tara. Due to my success, I had to structure a plan on how to overcome their hatred and how to distance them safely from my family and how to make sure that people don’t get killed or abused by them. They are thinking of their plans of dinners and social activities with me and His Holiness Karmapa, while this is insane to think that someone who hated me for 28 years would ever be in my close social circle. These people while involved now with my friends and teachers are wanting for me to make them feel good only and they do not want to hear that they do not have karma good enough and they aren’t good enough people to get only constant compassion. They hate Tibetan Buddhist work and mock me and make difficulties and problems for Tara Mandala and other people while waiting to hung out socially with me. They will not be attending my Green Tara enthronement and they will not be at any of my personal ceremonies or wedding. This is serious big deal because Jagoda Walny has sabotaged me all my life at the end and I would have been in a loving relationship with nice couple from Peru but she has led to sabotage and animosity. These people have insulted my education my PhD, my work, they re putting up people to hate me, they gossip and badmouth many, question disrespectfully what I write on my website, who I see, what I do and who I am with. This is not a behavior to be given to anyone who is a Bodhisattva or a respectful teacher. I am outraged that they think of this as an adventure and stupidity and that they have forced my family to a mock funeral and arranged it all and filmed it to try to educate me that they are good liars. This is not humorous, this is vulgar, hateful, envious, cruel, unethical and barbaric. This is unacceptable disrespect of me and they will need to be educated by other teachers and distanced from my family.

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