Communism against Jews

we met the Walni family in 1992 or there about and unfortunately now today 28 years later I am learning that they are communists who are killing Jews and busing my family. Nina Andrzej Jagoda and Agata along with their friends are highly invested in hurting my family and anything related to Jews and culture and art and religion. The damages done to our life are not compensable for them in money and they have little interest and core about repaying or fixing anything. I am surrounded because of their choices in an experiment for a small group of people where they are trying to learn about the obvious and are only coming up with hideous ways and methods to torture rape and kill rob and murder and abuse women. They do not like to practice Buddhism, and are insulting religion all the time. They aren’t happy that truth about them and insults about them are out. They do like to use me to insult myself and everyone else around them AND TO KILL AND RAPE AND STEAL. This family according to themselves has done something in the polish arena for helping overcome polish tragedies, for me they are communists only involved in killing Jews and Tibetan people. With Marxist thinking and plans and ideas that are not inclusive or relevant of who my family is these scum bags of people will thankfully be not part of our lives and my family’s life. Very soon this shit-show that they are using to learn on me and torture me with will be over. Until then I have police and the law on my side and people will be punished for their abuse. My family is important to me and we are very good people and very educated and I cannot stand by scum trying to be us or bring us down. I am glad my teachers will be making it clear and that this sick mockery and degradation will be ending and people will be punished. This is sick and disgusting how invested these liars are, the Walni family in covering up their lies using other people to make a false image for themselves on other people who are good to hide their vile lies. I see how they are trying to cover up themselves under different identities and how they are working to create damage. They are not into peace and they are dangerous people. Police knows and is helping me and they are low life human beings who are into games, hiding, stocking and abuse of social order hierarchy and wisdom.  These are ‘informatycy’ from Poland who aren’t focused on people but on wasting time and abusing women.

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