Ontario, Covid-19 news and such.

Various diners and restaurants are affected by coronavirus.

In this video Mr. Ford is rolling out the Ontario’s safety plan.


We all like to eat out at Ontario’s MANY restaurants and we all like to be together. Participate in numerous indoor activities. With coming Christmas holidays many people are worried what they are going to do. This greatly depends on your economical situation. I think people have faith to rely on and believe in God speed, which for many means faster speed than light. In experience we are faced with shock of suffering losses, death, fear and people want to resume what was normal activity to them. These restrictions change and influence new thinking. Toronto’s John Tory and Ontario’s Doug Ford are dealing with a lot of stress and pressure. All medical and health experts are discussing how to address the health problems we now see. There are other big issues that were not prioritized and avoided, I see from the news like understaffed nursing homes. Since March closure people are shocked with human losses as well as the difficult economic situation.

Desire for things to get comfortable again like Norwegian people say ‘Koselig’ needs to be with us. I believe the 14% who are believing in health are the ones I am with. The masks are important in public areas and sometimes I forget. I did get into few arguments over this, and found a nice box of black surgical masks in our city of Toronto. I also found people campaigning for hugs 🤗 over distance, I think there is value in this.

I am at the library and around me are many people working on their electronic devices and writing reading etc. There is lesser traffic and people are creative in their approach to this difficult situation.

Is this an apocalypse? It isn’t an apocalypse. I am certain. The world is going through a big change and people who have a gift to give are giving it already. I am a religious person a woman in religion and not a politician.

Of course we are afraid to go down in Covid-19.


What and who are we praying to? These things matter.

God bless and stay safe, and for now read the colour coded plan.

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