Munchausen by proxy syndrome (form of psychopaths)

I am living in a refugee camp in Toronto. I became Canadian citizen in 1995, after legal 3 year wait.

My mother has Munchausen by proxy syndrome a rare mental illness that leads her to hurt anyone who would be in her care. She only wants to watch me suffer, she wants to see the maximum capacity of suffering I can take and how I take it and what I say to her during (not after) and how I look during this and what she experiences during this is pleasure.

This illness is a form of psychopath.

I care she has a good life, she doesn’t want me to have a good life. She doesn’t want me to die she only wants me to be in agony.

Life with her is impossible. I escaped enough times to be alive today, and for her to live at a large distance in Alberta.

My mother brought me to Canada when I was a preschooler and we visited my long time citizen and war veteran grandfather. After our short visit in Alberta I believe we are Canadias because of this visit in 1984.

Care of people, loving support of my family by experts in various fields and work that we are able to do, let’s us be a family.

Teaching my Mother how to love: This task belongs to people. She must follow sane, proper, culturally sensitive and kind advice of all people, in how to be a loving good woman.

Thank you Canada. 🇨🇦