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January 21, 2022: I love my teacher Gochen Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche, a Tibetan master of the Nyingma school of Buddhism. I love my Lama Mama, they support me in not sharing with those people who don’t love me. I don’t share with people who don’t love me.
January 20,2022: Thinking of USA democracy, I would like to see Hillary Clinton to run for presidency and win, Donald Trump could be her Vice President, this would be good for 8 years then Kamala Harris could run for presidency and another woman senator could be her Vice President.  ☮️ USA & Canada needs more women in power.☮️
January 19, 2022: January’s Capricorn vibe comes to an end today & Aquarian energy begins tomorrow.  Aquarius is the most humanitarian sign of the zodiac. I want to use this special Aquarian vibe and send out apologies. I offer any necessary apologies to anyone who in the previous solar year was hurt by me. 🕉
January 11, 2022
January 6, 2022: WELCOME TO NEW YEAR 2022 🎇

I look at the decisions people make and I see there is no room for some new leadership, I think how all of humanity still is figuring out who we are.
November 28, 2021: Enjoyed immensely this CBS presentation. Happy Hanukkah 🕎 everyone.
November 27, 2021: 🎄 Sunday’s service. Advent 2021 began. 
November 25, 2021: ☮️🕊 Special Day today it is my daughter’s nameday and my unbirthday. She is named after St. Catherine 
She is the patron saint of girls, virgins, old maids, theologians, scientists, speakers, students, secretaries, wheelwright, millers, sailors, railroad workers, printers, shoemakers, dressmakers and lawyers; she is called upon for migraines and toothache ...

St. Catherine is shown with a sword or a wheel, often with a crown, a flower, a cross, or a palm tree. Her name is derived from the Greek word katharos - clean, spotless.

St. Catherine was born at the end of the 3rd century in Alexandria, the capital of Egypt, into an illustrious, perhaps even royal, family.
November 21, 2021: my special word is working, accelerated progress. I am very happy. 
November 17,2021: I reached a new level of dealing with my problems in life, thanks to my Buddhist Women Teachers, now I say ‘Suicide’ and results take place in my life. It is a special word in my life to get things done. Suicide is a serious problem so unless you have a Buddhist teacher looking after you please contact The Suicide Prevention Line. Always when someone is suicidal someone else wants them dead. Getting to the bottom of this is Buddhist work.
November 16, 2021: Sending love and good vibes to BC residents to stay strong and positive during their epic flood.

Catholic Family Services are staffed with good women who know how to return power to innocent.

It is essential to end all communication with those who don’t want the best for us in the heart and womb and mind.

November 15, 2021: Welcome to the Temple’s Ella Gazette. This is the first entry and the ones coming will be above it. It is for little and big updates. This is like an ongoing newsletter.

By Maria Aleksa Szewczyk

Maria Aleksa Sonam Wangmo (she/Goddess) 🖋 my family name is Szewczyk. 🌴🦦🌴
I am weird. I believe in nature & nurture. I am an Ayurvedic Life-Style Counselor. I have a husband Loten Dahortsang. I have a daughter Kata.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! That’s for my family. 🐚🪨
I have a mandala.
I have Big Love in my life. I have children.
Chocolate is my friend. We are teachers. Chocolate has much to teach.
We love to help people. 🧉

💕Motherhood is important 🌬

I am an Author. ☮️ to people.
Art, culture & language of women 💃🏻
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