Toronto police officer is convinced I know how to use internet.

I met with Detective Constable Christian (I am protecting his identity)

He recovered my money which my psycho mother decided to steal from me.

I used a known Canadian website to find a place to live, and honestly self advertised. I had about 80 inquiries and selected a few. I thought I secured a place for rent in Eglinton signed contract, contacted my ODSP worker, put the landlord in contact with my disability worker, and the landlord took my first month rent and deposit and I lost contact with him.

During this process I learned my mother wanted to play a joke on me, she got into BIG BIG BIG TROUBLE, and faked a Muslim MALE identity, email, phone number, everything.

I was extremely stressed out to have this money disappear from my account via electronic transfer, and not hear back from the landlord, and watch his personal story change received some strange text messages at 2 am and 3 am describing his Muslim legal problems, and that he is troubled I like the place I am about to move into.

CIBC bank helped, after a phone call I was talking with police and a different detective contacted me to get the report.

Today after all that happened I had to apologize for my family problem affecting our Canadian system and was told that I don’t need to be educated about how to use internet, everyone is glad I got money, my mother is getting a prison sentence!

I do want people to live in a world where they can trust eachother.