Do not follow Chandra Easton. Tara Mandala is over as you may have known it.

For all the women everywhere, Chandra Easton is a no one with no self esteem, mostly envy, greed and corruption to give.
This is one spiritual materialistic bitch that cares about women to never be at the top, famous, well, excelling, she however in her egoic view thinks this is good for only her to be this way.

My teacher Tulkudawa has helped in settling Chandra out of Buddhism as a teacher. Her problems have prevented her from being enthroned. She only got enthroned because of using me and my wisdom which daily I need to teach her to to teach women. She won’t be a Löpon without me. This makes us both a Löpon. Like I mentioned she won’t be allowed to teach. Chandra Easton plans and intends for women to be sick, disabled, raped and financially depleated. THIS IS COMING TO AN END, TERMINATING HER CAREER IN BUDDHISM.

I am educating Chandra and Tsultrim and running Tara Mandala for over 4 years. Chandra Easton only hates all her students. She does what she can to prevent women from what they want or need. Chandra Easton and her lineage has done everything to prevent me and other women from being ourselves, this is an extreme act against human rights.

Now we have agreed she will not teach, and her Shadow work and demon work is obsolete. Tsultrim will need to move out of the center and I am going to be taking over. These women who are involved in this will be taken away to various locations to do long retreats and repay the damages done to me and my family and other women.

As of yesterday, I am the owner of Tara Mandala in Pagosa springs, Colorado. Our agreement is their loss of everything so they do not go to prison and might see His Holiness Gyalwang Karmapa again, who is my fiance.

There is a lot of fighting still going on, because of Chandra’s personality, I already want to thank everyone who confronted Chandra Easton, and other teachers about their unethical, lying, deceptive, inhuman methods to appear powerful.

Since yesterday I am getting congratulations and my precious teacher Tulkudawa is managing Chandra Easton, and the women she uses to empower herself. No woman working there is happy, everyone is used. No woman at Tara Mandala gas opportunity to rise to the top and flourish.

My dear sister Katalina Szewczyk and my dear friends Chameli Ardagh and Milagros Casaverde are going to be all enthroned with me in Palyul as Rinpoches and we will run a very good interfaith respectful Buddhist community for women out of Tara Mandala in Pagosa Springs Colorado.

We are very very happy for this big win!