My very good teacher …

… is helping me move my problem in the direction of LAW. This is inhuman horrific unethical treatment of women by Tsultrim Allione.

Yes men aren’t evil, women aren’t prostitutes.

To the Sherif of Pagosa Springs, because it is needed that law enforcement educates Tsultrim Allione. And Both offices of His Holiness Dalai Lama and Karmapa are dealing and DISCIPLINING Tsultrim Allione.

The Sherif of pagosa springs Must be doing something about Tsultrim Allione and her unethical inhumane abuse of women she calls work.
Tsultrim knows I am going to marry His Holiness Karmapa and she is/was invested only in her public image.
My mother isn’t her student and the abuse by Tsultrim of me and my mother continues. 
Daily after these emails I am helped by offices of Dalai Lama and Karmapa, they tirelessly help me.
I only hear Tsultrim in my mind furious that the Sherif is notified that she is such a problem .
I realize the nature of this work is delicate and time and distance don’t prevent the work. Since it is both tangible by the practitioners who do tantric rituals there are recepients of this energy and Tsultrim doesn’t work with integrity towards women, she lies, lies lies lies and deceives women. 
Police needs to be dealing with Tsultrim. This loveless woman knows nothing of giving love or sharing with women.
I know with certainty, and will continue to speak and write about it, Tsultrim Allione will be in jail for her unethical conduct.
Aleksandra Szewczyk RYT PhD