The important work of we [Important]

Who we are is women. We are an integral players in how this world looks today. From the stinking garbage can on the corner of the street to the people in power, us women have put them there, together we are doing it.

How we do it matters.

Soft power is where we must be reaching to make our world better. Appeal cannot be aggression.

Today all I want is to list most points of our working and collaborating:

1. Honesty, virtuous attributes and positive moral conduct

2. Integrity, a few of us must be dishonest and in integrity due to that my hair is falling out. Stop it.

3. Compassion, concern for suffering of misfortunes of others.

4. Shaping reality in ways that doesn’t cause suffering to innocent people.

5. Deriving joy/happiness in appropriate ways. Happiness makes us all thrive.