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Women are beautiful people [Poem]

Now my father wants to hurt himself, because he is not accustomed to deal with his feelings properly, are you my father mother?

he thinks he wants to be an elderly man today, at 72 he isn’t really old in our world view, are you my father mother?

at this age in our society he should have things together about his life, and in his way he bearly does while he walks on his knees for his teacher, are you my father mother?

because a woman brought a book into my life in 2008. That is all he knows how to do now, are you my father mother?

and I never seen him be respectful to anyone, are you my father mother?

this is really something, are you my father mother?

he found love in another man. Oh! You are not a man mother!

At 72.

By Maria Aleksa Szewczyk

Maria Aleksa Sonam Wangmo (she/Goddess) 🖋 my family name is Szewczyk. 🌴🦦🌴
I am weird. I believe in nature & nurture. I am an Ayurvedic Life-Style Counselor. I have a husband Loten Dahortsang. I have a daughter Kata.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! That’s for my family. 🐚🪨
I have a mandala.
I have Big Love in my life. I have children.
Chocolate is my friend. We are teachers. Chocolate has much to teach.
We love to help people. 🧉

💕Motherhood is important 🌬

I am an Author. ☮️ to people.
Art, culture & language of women 💃🏻
Ooh la la la la la