Mammonish poverty [Poem]

Not a dime for a cup of clean water.

Not a dime for a bite to eat.

Rotten legs and bleeding ulcers,

starvation, is no medicine in poverty.

Swelling and itching and crying and screams.

Poisonous gasses of poverty are enveloping suffering people.

No money. 

No money for everyone.

People walking on their knees 

licking dirty floors and screaming, 

mothers who have sucked on their breasts 

and how they enjoyed that feeling.

No money. 

Human being being swallowed by disease and illness

whole, while they are screaming.

Until the last one is swallowed by dying.

People are dying, and suffering.

Not a dime to spare.

Immobility and wheelchairs around in all directions.

This is not special olympics.

We should all face our fear together and lick each other’s ulcers.

Our difficult experiences will will never change for positive ones.

We will get accustomed now to life without money and permeant suffering until we die.

May we be useful licking other people’s wounds.

While people scream, fight, beg, bleed and make no sense around you.

Never bow to pain and suffering.