Importance of body

A mom and a dad give you a body.

In their image you will be a girl or a boy.

It is better to be a woman, because it is well much better. Look at 21 Taras, some unhappy, some angry, some neutral and some happy. Each one has a body and different ornaments. It matters these Taras have a body. Let’s not say something too interesting about this today.

We need a body to live in this world. A good healthy body is a good karma.

We need to take care of our bodies nice body gets more positive attention and as a result gets positive feelings (positive environmental feedback) and makes life easier. There are so many things that we can find wrong with our bodies and it’s important to focus on positive aspects and use them accordingly to fuel our practice.

Nice breasts, shapely thighs, nice legs, nice arms and hands, flowing hair for women, it all makes our practice more pleasurable.

Take care of your body.