Crazy Wisdom to my mother,


Trauma and suffering people endure increases their compassion and their capacity to be concerned for others and offer love, compassion, You could say that pain that brings concern for others creates environment for enlightenment. Now you may never want crazy enlightenment.

Depressed people will be … Happy people will need to develop their conditions for reaching enlightenment in different ways. Happiness doesn’t like crazy wisdom, unless it is already comfortable with madness. Madness… where did you go?

I need to say that I have made myself indifferent to my body, it is doing its basic thing and I am much more interested in my mind and what my teachers are doing and eating for breakfast than what my body does. It is almost five long years of this and this chasm needs to be bridged.

This is a very large planet and has 7 large masses of land that are regarded as continetns. During these 5 years I wondered only 3 of the contintents and as I will be teaching I plan to visit the remaining 4. I don’t have time to go to India and Australia now. Since I am busy walking and doing Yoga and talking with my teacher about how to enjoy my work as a teacher, I decided it is important I get reonencted with my wisdom of Ayurveda and get more into my body. When the timers right, I will publish here my personal cookbook, I know you are waiting.

I have learned for you it is funner when I am crazy and You enjoy it.

I don’t need to be cRazy, but You like it.

Madness isn’t needed to reach enlightenment. Astuteness and compassion are.